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Gl0bal Goes ‘Into The Jungle’ With His New EP

Gl0bal Goes ‘Into The Jungle’ With His New EP
Brian Poles

We all know Wiwek and his hard-hitting and screeching jungle terror sound but now we add a new name to the mix and that is Gl0bal. Gl0bal, while using many of those elements and has those types of songs, he also mixes it up a bit. In his new EP Into the Jungle the first track “Runaway” and fourth track “B.O.M.B” are a bit more laid back. “Runaway” features the reggae stylings of KG Man before hitting you with a rolling synth during the drop. The buildup features KG Man’s lyrics as well as some island sounds and drums. “B.O.M.B” (banging on my bongo) which features Hawkboy, again uses island drums and bongos with a tambourine thrown in there. Hawkboy’s reggae style leads us into the drop where the bongos, cymbals, and tambourines really come to life but are not really in your face.

Gl0bal really turns up the terror though in the other three tracks on the EP: “Tweety Bird,” “Into the Jungle,” and “Pull Up.” “Tweety Bird” is where you really hear Wiwek’s jungle terror influence. Much like his song “Angry Birds,” this song features a bird endlessly chirping during the drop but also has MC Spyder’s voice lending the track a hand. The title track “Into the Jungle” is definitely the hardest hitting track of the EP. Natel’s vocals start out the track along with drums and threatening horns before a ringing drop hits you with bangs and pangs going back and forth. The one will really get you off your feet and dancing. The last track “Pull Up,” the only one without a feature on it, goes a bit of a different route. Not only in that it has no feature but also in genre. This one is a lot more trappy with those trap snares featured throughout and those dark synths heard in the background as well as some bouncy synths thrown in there. It sounds as if there is a bit of Flosstradamus influence in this one with that synth that they used in “Crowd CTRL” can be heard here.

Overall this EP shows the diversity in Gl0bal’s style, proving he can take jungle terror into a different direction and utilize elements of trap, hip-hop, and reggae in his tracks as well. You can purchase Into the Jungle now on Beatport via Uprise Music or stream in full below. This is a fun one from the up-and-coming Canadian producer and we are excited to see what else is in store from him in the future.

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