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Thank you for the overwhelming number of song submissions being sent to us! The goal of ThisSongSlaps is to provide the best music possible to our fans. Because of the overwhelming number of submissions we’ve been receiving, we do not have enough hours in the day to adequately filter all the songs being submitted.

If you would like a song to be reviewed and possibly featured on the main section of the site, please make a $20 donation. We guarantee that we will listen to your songs and at least give you feedback via comments on Soundcloud (possibly also favorites & re-posts) using an official Soundcloud account with followers who will see our comments, favorites, & re-posts on/of your song.

If you truly believe that you have a quality track that would fit, this is a small price to pay compared to the endless exposure your song will gain to 80,000+ music fans, producers, DJs, talent agencies, and record labels who visit the site every day.

Every donation will help improve, whether it goes towards the monthly server fees or website development. We strive to review all submissions within 48 hours time.

Thank you for your donation and support! We look forward to hearing your music!

The following are some of the many artists who have seen tremendous success after submitting their music to our team using this feature:

Meaux GreenRay VolpeSAM FThe Chaotic GoodJaycen A’mourLUMBERJVCKViking BreakdanceTuner StevenssonParty FavorPapa SkunkYoonbell

Want your song to be featured with a 100% guarantee? Submit your song to the sponsored music submission form and have your music posted on the main site within 72 hours here.

Artist Testimonials:

“TSS helped me start the foundation of where I am today. They reposted and blogged about my Macklemore bootleg, which had only a couple hundred plays. That turned into thousands. Now, on YouTube, it has over a MILLION views. The fans of TSS are amazing, they share, repost, and they do just as much amazing work as the TSS team. I really hope I can work with them in the future!” -Ray Volpe

“TSS has helped me reach thousands of EDM fans and get my music heard by the masses. In less than one year, I have seen over 500k plays on my Soundcloud which has opened many doors for me. Being featured on TSS has helped me achieve musical recognition and in turn, I have had the opportunity to play huge shows alongside many of my idols such as Doctor P, Crizzly, Krewella & more.” -SAM F

“The first track that I submitted to TSS was remix of Daft Punk “Technologic.” I was shocked and impressed about the result because I got more than 300 followers in one day. Furthermore, I got 30,000 plays on the Soundcloud song from this submission. Thanks again to TSS for the boost of my career.” -Yoonbell

“TSS has helped me gain recognition all around the world and has “water-falled” down to other large blog sites as well as major music YouTube channels who have also posted my music. I have been reached by important contacts who have found my music on the site along with thousands of new fans. I use the site to find new upcoming music for myself and is the perfect website for any music lover.” -IDestiny


Each week we showcase our favorite song submissions that have not yet been posted individually onto the website in a Weekly Rising Talent: Slap Pack song roundup. This roundup, with individual song descriptions, will be shared on our social media outlets.

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Want your song to be featured with a 100% guarantee? Submit your song to the sponsored music submission form and have your music posted on the main site within 72 hours here.