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900+ SATISFIED ARTISTS THUS FAR! prides itself on finding new artists and promoting their talents and their music to our worldwide audience. With the submission feature we implemented in 2012, we enabled up-and-coming artists to have the chance for their music to be heard and reviewed by our team with honest feedback.

In a perfect world, we would love to feature every single song submitted to us, but unfortunately, this is not the case. However, with this new feature, you can have your song showcased on the main site as a sponsored song; 100% guaranteed.

We are excited to introduce sponsored music, which allows artists to have their song posted on the site FOREVER along with a Twitter blast (20,000+ followers), for the reasonable price of $60. When you think about the benefits involved, lasting exposure, and thousands of plays racked up on your song as a result of having your music posted onto a global music website forever, this is a small price to pay to jumpstart your professional music career.

This feature is intended to promote new and up-and-coming artists and their music. Your article, written by our team, will showcase the song of your choice along with your social media outlets to 80,000+ music fans, producers, DJs, talent agencies, and record labels who visit the site every day; and it will be there forever.

We strive to post all sponsored songs within 72 hours.

Artist Testimonials:

“As a longtime fan of TSS, I am thrilled to have their support in gaining recognition for my Deadmau5 remix. Their support has helped me gain roughly two times the amount of success as compared to my previous releases. I have now also gained added support from other artists, blogs, and promoters alike. More importantly, I have gained and inspired many new fans. Thank you for letting me be a part of this experience.”- Sauniks

“Music is power. The TSS Team, is an essential outlet to give any artists such as myself the opportunity to gain that of which. Through their support towards each of the artists featured on their site, the positive possibilities that will stem in return is undeniably too much to be put into words. Unquestionably, by being featured on this site artists can maximize the full potentials of their music and impact those by the masses.” – C.Slack

We hope that you find the sponsored feed a way to promote and recognize your talent and your music. If you have any questions, please email us below.