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    Deadmau5 – Sofi Needs a Ladder (Original Mix) HQ: Sick New House Banger

    Deadmau5 released a song several months back called You Need A Ladder. Since then, he’s been releasing different versions of this track with new intros, extended versions, etc. This is the latest from the house music phenomenon. Mau5 added vocals from the singer Sofi, and put a new name on the track,...

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    Staygold – Video Kick Snare (Dada Life Remix): Sick New House Track

    I’ve been moving in a more hip-hop centered direction here on TSS, but I’d like to bring more house music and dubstep back onto the site. Here’s a new track remix of Video Kick Snare released from Dada Life. I saw Dada Life two days ago at Heaven & Hell in Del...