[TSS Exclusive] TSS Guest Mix 001: WILL K + Interview

[TSS Exclusive] TSS Guest Mix 001: WILL K + Interview
Brian Bonavoglia

Don’t call it a comeback, we’ve been here for years. We are happy to announce TSS is officially getting back into the guest mix game calling upon friends new and old to get the party started wherever life takes you. Ahh, it feels good to be back!

Kicking things off is one of the hottest names in the world of progressive house and someone we’ve supported since what seems like the moment he emerged onto the scene, WILL K. Not only did he throw together a 60-mix for the TSS faithful, but we had the chance to chat with the Australian so the world could get to know him better and of course, see what he has in store for the future. Check out his exclusive mix and interview below!

TSS Guest 001: WILL K |

TSS: Welcome to TSS WILL K, introduce yourself; where are youe from, how long have you been a DJ/producer for, and what sacrifices have you had to make, to enable you to pursue your career in the music industry?

WILL K: Hey guys, thanks for having me! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m WILL K, a DJ/Producer from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been DJing and producing for around 7 years now. Last year in February I decided to move to England, I thought it was the right time since my music was getting lots of attention in Europe. It was a big risk, but I couldn’t be happier with how things are turning out right now!

TSS: Although you’re from Melbourne, Australia, you recently lived in the UK, in Liverpool, close to your buddy Corey James. Everyone has their own ‘comfort zone’ I feel, so, is the UK your comfort zone, where you can crack on with producing etc? What are the main cultural differences between Australia and UK living too?

WILL K: Yes! I find I work a lot better in England. I have more time to myself and I’m writing music almost every second of the day. Also being in another place gives me a lot of inspiration, which makes me a lot more creative. I wouldn’t really say we have a lot of cultural differences, the English and us Aussies are almost the same. The only down side of living in England is the weather. Im used to sunny days, wearing hardly any clothes, but it also has an upside because it leaves me locked in my studio always working!

TSS: You’ve made such a big statement for 2017 already, with a series of high-profile collaborations with artists including Sebjak, Corey James and Thomas Newson! What’s your personal favorite release of the year been out of them so far? Why?

WILL K: I couldn’t be happier with all of these collabs to be honest. I like how all three tracks are different from each other, while keeping my sound. If I was to choose one, it would be “Smoke” with Seb. It has so much energy throughout the whole track. The breakdown has a “hands up moment” feel to it, while the last drop melody changes and it works really well live.

TSS: Two of those releases are ‘Smoke’, with Sebjak, and ‘Saxo’ with Thomas Newson, both hit the Beatport top 10 at the same time, how did that make you feel? Did you expect this success so early in your career, or do you believe it was only a matter of time before it happened, amid all the previous successes you’ve had too?

WILL K: I’m still stoked to see how high “Smoke” and “Saxo” reached it on Beatport Charts! It is nice to know that my fans keep supporting my music! It makes me feel like I’m doing something right. I wouldn’t say its early in my career, but definitely the right time as I’ve been non-stop grinding for the past year! Thats all it matters at the end of the day, if you work hard you will see change. I noticed when I focused constantly on my music and my craft I started to see improvement in getting labels attention, DJ’s support, and from that it will only keep building you and your brand.

TSS: In regards to collaborating, do you find it more time consuming when in the studio, due to all the debating on mixing the track, the arrangements, the little details etc, or do you thrive knowing you’re in the company of another talented artist?

WILL K: I’ve been quite lucky so far when writing collabs. Working with Corey, Seb or even Thomas, we’ve always been on the same page. Which is a good thing, but also there are times when we disagree about little things in the track, but it can work out better as everyone hears things differently in their head. The main thing is to stay open minded!

TSS: As a solo artist, how long does it take you to produce a solo normally? How do you find inspiration for new projects too? Also, do you prefer to use laptop plugins or external hardware when producing?

WILL K: There is never an exact time. For instance, “Cafe Leche” took me about 3-4 days to finish. Every track is different, I find when I finish the track quicker it turns out better, as I am still in my creative mode and not sick of the same beat. Once you get used to what your working on you lose creativity, so I like to try wrap it up as soon as I can! I use laptop plugins all the time, the only external plugins I am using right now is UAD and that’s more for the technical sound design.

TSS: You like to ‘keep your cards close to your chest’ too, but, one question on everyone’s lips is about ‘Kumasi’, your collab with Sebjak, premiered by Steve Angello on BBC Radio 1, when can fans expect its release? What other releases are you plotting for the summer too?

WILL K: Sooner than you think! This year I want to release all of my music that is lying around. As long as it still sounds fresh! Besides “Kumasi” I have a new track with Bolier, Taanergaard, and a new one I’m wrapping up right now with Jebu. Also a lot of solo material I’m finishing, so a lot more in store for this year!

TSS: Finally, what other things do you have planned for the year too? A busy summer gigs wise? Will you be retuning back to the UK to live too? Or are you staying in Melbourne for a while now? What gigs would you like to perform at too, pick your dream festival slot!

WILL K: I can’t wait for this summer! I have lots of exciting shows in Italy, Barcelona, Bali & more to be announced. Right now I’ve spent a few months home to be with the family, but staying productive which is the main thing. I’ll be back in Liverpool in a few weeks, and from then I should have a busy schedule with tour dates! My dream festival slot would have to be Ushuaia Ibiza, I experienced my first time there last summer at Axwell & Ingrosso’s party, and for me it was the best live show I’ve ever seen!

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