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  • Dubstep
    Dubstep Hip Hop Compilation Vol. 3

    Get ready for hip hop accompanied by the sound we love most here at TSS, bass, because Dubstep Hip Hop Compilation Vol. 3 is coming at you fast. I’ve got a bunch of sick tracks for you dubstep hip hop fans out there including two original productions coming from a Brookly trio...

  • Hip-Hop
    Ray Jones – Spring Training 2.5 (Mixtape)

    Today I’m stoked to present you a exclusive mixtape called Spring Training 2.5 coming from hip hop artist Ray Jones. Ray Jones is a 23 year old hip hop artist who was born in Philly, grew up in New Jersey, and just moved out to San Diego last week to live...

  • Dubstep
    Filthy Friday #18: Dr. Ozi + 5 & A Dime + Downlink + Redial + Ray Jones + The Killabits + Styles & Complete + Zeds Dead: TGIFF

    It’s about that time of week again for me to drop some filth on your day with FILTHY FRIDAY #18! I’ve got a whole mess of sick tracks for all you filth fans out there, Thank God It’s Filthy Friday. Dr. Ozi sent me this track a couple minutes ago, and he...