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    Excision – Shambhala 2012 Dubstep Mix + Destroid Existence Conspiracy [Video]

    Excision delivers his prestigious mix from his recent performance at Shambhala, Canada’s premiere electronic music festival featuring the most cutting edge talent, lights and sound all coming together in paradise to give life to a non-sponsored family run anomaly. Excision’s 65-track mix features some of the sickest, nastiest dubstep tracks around from...

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    Filthy Friday Vol. 32

    It’s about that time of week again for me to drop some filth on your day with Filthy Friday Vol. 32. I’ve got a whole mess of sick tracks for all you filth fans out there, Thank God It’s Filthy Friday. You better run for cover because Evil Bastards are about to...

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    Nero Ft. Alana – Guilt (Original Mix) + (VIP Mix) + Nero @ Voyeur SD Apr 21: Vocal Dubstep BANGERS

    The British dubstep duo known as Nero, aka Dan Stephens & Joe Ray, have established themselves among some of the top producers in the dubstep world. I’ve showed you some of their past releases like their bass-filled remix of Drake’s song ‘Forever’ and N.E.R.D.’s ‘Hypnotize U,’ which in my opinion, pass up...