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  • Dubstep
    Adele – Rolling In The Deep (GRiZ REmix)

    Today I’ve got another new remix of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ coming from an up-and-coming dubstep producer calling himself GRiZ. GRiZ is a passionate and soulful producer who has a knack for creating engaging melodies to offset the presence of his phenomenally designed bass, which he demonstrates with this new remix....

  • Future Funk
    Tracks For Thought: NiT GriT + GriZ + Hooky + Skrillex + DallasK + Kaskade: Happy Studying!

    Thought I’d throw together some tracks, new and old, for those of you who are still stuck studying for finals (like me). Even if you’re not studying and just trying to relax, maybe with some herbal remedies, slap these on your speakers and kick back. Not much to be said here, press...