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  • Dubstep
    PANTyRAiD – That’s The Spot

    The second single release of the PANTyRAiD PillowTalk album countdown, “That’s the Spot”, following their HUGE remix...

  • Electro House
    Delerium – Days Turn Into Nights (Seven Lions Remix)

    Seven Lions' massive electro-house remix of Delerium's 'Days Turn Into Nights'

  • Glitch Hop
    Two Fingers – Vengeance Rhythm (KOAN Sound Remix)

    The UK-based KOAN Sound duo has returned with a brand new remix, this time taking on Two Fingers’ ‘Vengeance Rhythm’ and transforming it into a hard-hitting glitch-hop banger creating a unique sound that few others can incite. This one is set to drop next month on December 10, but if you’re craving...

  • Future Funk
    Pretty Lights – Halloween Funtime REMIXMONSTRousMASHup

    Pretty Lights’ Derek Vincent Smith, the Colorado native and kingpin of the electrohiphopsoul musical visionary, has also gotten into the Halloween spirit with the release of his new mashup ‘Halloween Funtime REMIXMONSTRousMASHup’ sampling the theme song for Nightmare On Elm Street, the Halloween theme song, “some dark Bach Fugue 9, and of...

  • Dubstep
    Pretty Lights – So Bright (Original Mix)

    This may be the first time ever that Derek Vincent Smith, better known as the Colorado-based music & visual sensation Pretty Lights has asked us to purchase one of his songs, which is an extremely huge feat to accomplish at this point in his musical career considering the fact that he is...

  • Dubstep
    Sugarpill – Cats Used to Harmonize

    Sugarpill is a Los Angeles based producer who drops a ridiculous number of remixes all year. All you have to do to in order to download this one free of monetary charge, is to like Sugarpill on Facebook. The title track to the new remix set is true. Whatever happened to the...

  • Dubstep
    At Dawn We Rage – Over It (Original Mix)

    I’m stoked to bring you this dope new glitch-hop original production from the multi-talented American duo, At Dawn We Rage. Their latest single, ‘Over It’ displays a perfect mix of heavy, melodic sounds as well as tons of great vibes. Such a brilliant track, show some love to ADWR and grab it...

  • Dubstep
    Skorby – Area 51

    About a month ago Skorby put out a preview of a track and now, thanks to the kind folks over at Middle Finger Music, we get to experience ‘Area 51’ in all of its glory. WARNING: This song has been known to cause random dancing and mild aural seizures. ‘Area 51’ starts...

  • Dubstep
    Save The Rave – Morbo

    My first thought on hearing this song was “why haven’t I heard these guys before?!” Save The Rave is made up of two Spaniards by the names of Javi and Michael, and they love to party. A quote taken from their Facebook says “our hearts don’t beat, they wobble”, so they definitely...

  • Dubstep
    Kanye West – Get Em’ High (Schoeny Remix)

    It’s been awhile since we’ve heard an Kanye West on the site and I’m switching that up right now with this new glitch-hop remix of ‘Get Em’ High’ coming from my friend and local San Diego DJ/producer DJ Schoeny. Schoeny leads this one off with a menacing bassline to accompany Kanye’s relentless...