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    Adele vs Al Bizzare – Fire Breazze – Rollin In The Deep (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)

    Remember Al Bizzare from a couple months ago? Everyone was claiming that their song ‘Fresh Scream’ was an unreleased Skrillex remix of a Deadmau5 & Feed Me song titled ‘Pixel Cheese’ which leaked off of Skrillex’s stolen harddrives in Italy, and needless to say, this gained Al Bizzare tons of accidental publicity....

  • Electro House
    Al Bizarre – Fire Breazze (Original Mix): Breaks Electro-House

    Remember that track I posted last week that everybody thought was a Skrillex remix of a Deadmau5 & Feed Me song called ‘Pixel Cheese?’ Well, this mysterious ‘Pixel Cheese’ remix still hasn’t turned up and that last track actually turned out to be an original mix called ‘Fresh Scream’ from a duo...