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  • Hip-Hop
    Kid Ink – Tat It Up: Chill New Hip Hop

    Here’s a new song called Tat It Up from Kid Ink. Kid Ink was born and raised in LA. He has started to bring a new sound to Westcoast Music over the past year. Both of his parents were raised on the Eastcoast, so Kid Ink uses that influence to mix the...

  • Hip-Hop
    Kanye West – Don’t Look Down (Feat Mos Def Lupe Fiasco Big Sean): Chill New Hip Hop

    Here’s the latest song from Kanye West called Don’t Look Down. Kayne features 3 well-known hip hop artists on his new song, Lupe Fiasco first, Mos Def, and Big Sean last. Big Sean is one of my favorite up-and-coming artists signed to Good Music Ent. While he was a junior in high...

  • Dubstep
    Gucci Mane vs. Bassnectar – Magical World (DJ Pinto) + Timestretch Stuntin’ (RIP King): Banger Hip Hop Dubstep

    Here’s 2 bangin’ hip hop tracks of Gucci Mane vs. Bassnectar. The combination of Gucci Mane’s rap style and with a dubstep bass-line fits to make extremely catchy songs. DJ Pinto’s Magical World is a combination of 3 different tracks that fit together perfectly to make an awesome laid-back banger. RIP King’s...

  • Future Funk
    Wiz Khalifa – I Had A Dream: Chill New Hip Hop

    Wiz Khalifa has been taking the rap game by storm ever since his mix-tape Kush & Orange Juice. Wiz’s feel-good rap style never gets old and his new music never seems to disappoint. He had a dream that everyone was starring at him, because everyone is! Wiz is on the map keeping...

  • Future Funk
    DJ Limegreen ft Phil Tha Agony & Styliztik Jones – Higher Than High: Chill New Hip Hop

    DJ LimeGreen is a critically acclaimed DJ & Producer who has tons of mix-tapes out for download. He performs shows all over Southern California and is spreading fast to other states. This song has an old school 90’s style beat with a reggae influence. The artists explain the facts about marijuana then...

  • Future Funk
    X.O. feat Nick Fury & Jimmy Javier – Fall Back (Go Hard): Electronic Hip Hop

    X.O. is a hip hop artist out of Southern California who’s currently attending SDSU. He’s been been recording tracks for a little over two years with Rockstar Muzik. His last song, Good time, was a sick feel-good party song. Fall Back has a new rap style with electronic beat, another cool track...

  • Future Funk
    Wale – Hold You (Freestyle) + Mike Tomlin (Black & Yellow Freestyle): Too Sick

    Today I’m bringing you guys 2 freestyle tracks from Washington DC sneaker head, Wale. Wale never seems to disappoint with any of his music, and these freestyles are amazing. Hold you has a laid back beat with a smooth flow and a little bit of Major Lazer added at the end. Next,...

  • Future Funk
    A-Trak ft. CyHi Da Prince – Ray Ban Vision: New Electro Hip Hop Banger

    Here’s another song from A-trak who’s known for mashing rap and electronic music through his remix work. He just released this new party song and I know a lot of you guys have Ray Ban Vision. A-Trak ft. CyHi Da Prince – Ray Ban Vision DOWNLOAD HERE Purchase all A-Trak’s Music on...

  • Future Funk
    Kidd Upstairs – Bleed My Soul: Chill Hip Hop

    This dude is super talented. He went to school as a freshman at SDSU. After his first year at State, he moved Orlando to study music at Full Sail University. He is moving back out to LA next month. He produces/mixes all his own stuff, beats, everything… straight musician. Sit back, plug...

  • Hip-Hop
    STS – In For The Kill (Hip Hop Remix): Chill Must Hear Remix

    STS – In For The Kill DOWNLOAD HERE