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    Bassnectar & ill.Gates – Probable Cause (Original Mix)

    Here’s a new collaboration track coming from Bassnectar & ill.Gates called ‘Probable Cause,’ which is set to be released on his upcoming album, Divergent Spectrum, which is set to drop on August 2nd. You can undoubtedly hear both artists signature dubstep sounds mashed together as one to create this track. If you...

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    Bassnectar – The Matrix (Original Mix)

    Today I have yet another Bassnectar track for you coming off his upcoming album, Divergent Spectrum, which is set to drop on August 2nd. Bassnectar has moved back to his more traditional, bass-heavy, wobbly bass lines with forewarning lyrics of the upcoming BOOM on this track called ‘The Matrix.’ If you missed...

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    Gogol Bordello – Immidraniada (Bassnectar Remix): HEAVY Dubstep Remix

    Bassnectar is back again with his second single off his upcoming album, Divergent Spectrum, which is set to drop on August 2nd. This time, he’s turning Gogol Bordello’s song ‘Immidraniada’ into a HEAVY dubstep banger with enough bass to leave your speakers wondering what hit them. The drop hits at 0:54 for...

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    Bassnectar – Upside Down (Radio Edit): New Dubstep BANGER

    It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything from the dubstep mastermind known as Bassnectar, but today I’m stoked to show you a sample of what’s going to be on his latest album, Divergent Spectrum, due to be released on August 2nd. Here’s his newest single that he dropped for FREE today called...

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    The Daily Dose #8: The Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian (Bassnectar Remix): HEAVY Bass Music For Egypt

    If you haven’t heard, recently a huge political issue is happening in Egypt that led to many days of protests. The biggest demand of the protesters was the immediate ouster of President Mubarak, who has ruled the country for the past 30 years under a number of sham elections. In an effort...

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    The Pixies – Where Is My Mind (Bassnectar Remix): Rock N’ Roll Dubstep Remix

    Some of you might have heard this already but I wanted to post it for those of you who have not because it’s soo sickkk! This is Bassnectar’s remix of the old rock song ‘Where Is My Mind’ by legendary rock group known as The Pixies. Bassnectar describes this track as “an...

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    Bassnectar & Datsik – Yes: Collaborative Dubstep Banger

    I’m hooked on dubstep today, so here’s a new dubstep collaboration from both Bassnectar & Datsik called Yes. Both of these DJs are well known in the dubstep genre and the collaboration of both their styles made this track really sick. I posted Bassnectar’s half hour BBC 2010 Mixtape last Thursday, and...

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    Bassnectar – 2010 BBC Mixtape: Half Hour Of Dubstep Magic

    I haven’t posted any dubstep in awhile so I figured I would make up for it by blowing your heads away with Bassnectar’s 2010 BBC Mixtape. I posted The 808 Track awhile back off his last album, Wildstyle, and it was sick to say the least. He incorporates The 808 Track into...

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    Gucci Mane vs. Bassnectar – Magical World (DJ Pinto) + Timestretch Stuntin’ (RIP King): Banger Hip Hop Dubstep

    Here’s 2 bangin’ hip hop tracks of Gucci Mane vs. Bassnectar. The combination of Gucci Mane’s rap style and with a dubstep bass-line fits to make extremely catchy songs. DJ Pinto’s Magical World is a combination of 3 different tracks that fit together perfectly to make an awesome laid-back banger. RIP King’s...

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    Bassnectar ft. Mighty High Coup – The 808 Track

    Bassnectar ft. Mighty High Coup – The 808 Track DOWNLOAD HERE Purchase all Bassnectar’s Music on iTunes Here