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  • Electro House
    Deadmau5 – Ghosts n Stuff (Beef Theatre Remix)

    ‘Ghosts n Stuff’ has always been one of my favorite Deadmau5 tracks, and it seems to be pretty well-liked all around. A lot of different groups have tried to remix it, but I have yet to see one as awesome as this Electro-House banger that German duo Beef Theatre released this week....

  • Hip-Hop
    Schoolboy Q – Hands On The Wheel (feat. A$AP Rocky)

    What’s going on music lovers, my name is Martin, the newest member of the ThisSongSlaps team. I’m a native New Yorker that got tired of the hustle and bustle so I packed up and moved to San Diego in 2007, I met Ben briefly at a house party through a mutual friend...

  • Future Funk
    EZT’s ElectroTrash Tres Vol. 1

    Electro fans, today I’m stoked to present to you the second author featured on TSS besides myself for our new weekly series, EZT’s ElectroTrash Tres: Do you find yourself waking up at the crack of three in the afternoon, wearing last nights vodka saturated clothes, your breath tastes like hints of Red...