Get To Know: Honey & Badger

Get To Know: Honey & Badger
Brian Bonavoglia

When it comes to the world of house music, Honey & Badger has been making some serious waves throughout the scene for quite some time now.

Always one to keep thing consistent unloading a steady barrage of club-ready weapons since first popping up back in 2018, Belgian talent’s menacing and forward-thinking production style has led to be come one of the hottest names in the game while most certainly hitting his stride this year with house music continuing to thrive across the globe.

Fresh off the release of his captivating collaboration “Daybreak” with BIJOU, we took the time to get to know Honey & Badger a little better!

BIJOU x Honey & Badger – Daybreak | Download |

TSS: Who or what introduced you to the world of electronic dance music?

Honey & Badger: It’s funny cause I remember that moment perfectly. I befriended this guy when I started high school and we were chilling in his living room, listening to music. He then showed me the mixtapes of a local DJ who was putting them together and uploading them on iTunes. From there, I started digging for more electronic music and voilà!

TSS: What made you fall in love with dance music as a whole?

Honey & Badger: That’s a good question. I’d say its variety. I feel like anyone could find a subgenre of dance music that suits them and that’s the beauty of it. I, myself, listen to quite a lot of very different styles inside the dance music world. It can go from Daft Punk to Flume or Kaytranada, for the most famous ones, but I also love discovering lesser known artists. I’ve been obsessed with this french duo called Phantom Traffic lately. They’re so good. Same for SPATE (and they’re also from France!)

TSS: DJing or production – which came first?

Honey & Badger: I got into DJing first (because I didn’t even know I could make my own music). But I consider myself more of a producer than a DJ. I like the feeling of being in my zone, letting the inspiration flowing to eventually create something.

TSS: For anyone who may not be familiar with Honey & Badger, how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

Honey & Badger: I’d like to think of my music as simple yet effective and forward thinking house music. I love going straight to the point when making music, while also bringing something new to the table. 1949, my collaboration with OOTORO, is a great example of that. It’s my vision of what disco/funk combined with house music should sound like in 2023.

TSS: What does your studio setup look like these days?

Honey & Badger: I’m ashamed because I have a pretty decent home studio I put together throughout the years, but I mostly use my MacBook and a pair of headphones. I feel more comfortable being able to make music wherever I want. I produced most of my recent tracks on my couch, in my living room.

TSS: What’s your creative process in the studio?

Honey & Badger: If I don’t have a precise idea of what I wanna do, I usually mess around with samples, presets or hardware until something clicks. It’s that simple, really. Most of my creative process is based on happy accidents.

TSS: When you have a rough week or hit a wall creatively, how do you get back on track?

Honey & Badger: I like doing something that has nothing to do with music. It always gets me inspired, eventually. Luckily, I have a lot of hobbies outside of producing. It can be reading, playing video games or board games, watching movies, … whatever! Lately, I’ve been reading the Silo trilogy, from Hugh Howey. I learned not to feel ashamed of taking some time off. I believe it’s part of the process.

TSS: Tell us a little about your recent collaboration, “Daybreak,” alongside BIJOU. How did that one come together?

Honey & Badger: I’ve signed a few records on DND (BIJOU’s label) and they’ve all been very important in my career, so BIJOU and I have been talking about working together for months, if not years. I’ve sent him a few ideas here and there but nothing really stood out until I stumbled upon those soulful vocals. I used them on a tech house beat I created in 15 minutes, sent it to BIJOU and it immediately resonated with him. He came up with that amazing bassline and less than 24h later, Daybreak was born. BIJOU is such a talented producer and I feel blessed I got to work on a song with him.

TSS: How does it feel to make your debut on the powerhouse dance music imprint that is Monstercat?

Honey & Badger: It feels surreal. I’ve been following Monstercat’s releases for as long as I can remember and being able to work with them is a huge honor. A true bucket list moment for me. Hopefully, that relationship will continue to develop in the future.

TSS: What does Honey & Badger have in store for the remainder of 2023 and beyond?

Honey & Badger: A few exciting stuff. There’s this remix I made for Rome in Silver’s song Keep The Lights On that just came out. I’ve been a big fan of his music for quite some time now, so when I heard he was gonna put out an album, I hit him up, asking if I could remix one of his songs. He was kind enough to say yes and I’m thankful for that, as it ended up being one of my best pieces of work ever, in my opinion. I also remixed my good friend Habstrakt’s collaboration with IMANU titled Libre. A bunch of cool artists have been playing it already and Habstrakt is the person I look up to the most, so I can’t wait to put this one out. Then, I got some crazy shows lined up, including my very first headlining tour abroad. More infos very soon!

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