Get To Know: Mary Droppinz

Get To Know: Mary Droppinz
Brian Bonavoglia

Popping onto the scene back in 2015 spinning underground events around California, Mary Droppinz would be one of the many DJs who continued to put on a show stepping behind the decks and streaming on Twitch throughout the pandemic which would lead to the Altered States‘ fan favorite to hit the ground running once it was safe to return to the dancefloor.

Boasting a discography full of hard-hitting house and techno (with no genre truly being off limits) in addition to being a master selector in her own right when it comes to taking control of a pair of CDJs at a club or festival, Mary Droppinz certainly knows a thing or two about taking the party to the next level.

“Hail Mary full of bass, we get it poppins with Droppinz”

Still buzzing off the release of her high-octane new single “NYC,” we took the time to get to know Mary Droppinz a little bit better!

Mary Droppinz – NYC |

TSS: Who or what introduced you to the world of dance music?

Mary Droppinz: I am from Nebraska so there wasn’t much of an electronic scene there growing up and I fell in deep w/ the emo bands. My roommate in college studied abroad in Australia and shared some tracks she heard out there with me, and it blew my mind. Also during that time, my ex (from California) took me to Coachella and really that was the biggest game changer for me. I never looked back and have been a part of the dance music scene since 2012 and moved to California in 2014. While out here my friends showed me Exchange LA, Lightning In A Bottle festival, the La Cave Wednesdays in OC and the Standard DTLA rooftop days that exposed me to so many different artists/genres/parties in Socal. During all of that I was practicing DJing at home, and I really began to feel like this is what I am meant to do, it was like a lightbulb on my whole life finally went off. After getting my fair taste of the scene I decided to pick my own festival that was in California that I wanted to go explore. I found Desert Hearts. I went by myself in 2015 and that was really what created my first big goal that I wanted to accomplish as a dj, it was to play Desert Hearts :) the fire had been lit.

TSS: What made you fall in love with dance music as a whole?

Obviously the music, there’s just nothing else like it, I’ve never felt connected to anything else like I have with dance music. When I first heard it, it was like I had been waiting my whole life to hear this kind of music. Also, experiencing festivals was the cherry on top because of the community and vibes.

TSS: What led you to pursue a path in music?

Mary Droppinz: I was working full-time in marketing/advertising and just felt super unfulfilled pushing all these corporate brands. I wanted more creative freedom and I wanted to pursue my purpose of spreading love to all in a more effective way. As I was balancing my salary job w/ music I gradually got more gigs and started phasing out my life as a marketing manager. Then when the pandemic hit I went to full time music and grinded more than I ever had for it with streaming during those tough times for the industry.

TSS: DJing or production – which came first?

Mary Droppinz: DJing came first, I have been djing for 8 years and producing for 4.

TSS: What’s your main studio gear?

Mary Droppinz: The Roland TR8-S, Native Instruments Komplete Keyboards, and Ableton Push

TSS: When it comes to production, where do you find your inspiration?

Mary Droppinz: I genuinely make music with the sounds I love . I don’t lock myself into a certain genre or sound for a label. I just make music based on my feelings, experiences in life, or with intent to elevate our daily frequencies.

TSS: How do you get back on track when you have a rough week or hit a wall creatively?

Mary Droppinz: Through diet and exercise. It’s so important as an artist to get outside, move your body and eat healthy so that you can perform and create at your highest self.

TSS: Tell us a little about your latest release, “NYC” and how it came together.

Mary Droppinz: I made this track about a year and half ago. I was inspired by my time living in NY as an intern from 2011-2012. Working in the city changed my life just like electronic music has. I wanted to create an acid rave banger that feels like now is the comeback of the proper 90s rave days.

TSS: You have quickly become a fan favorite when it comes to Zed Dead’s Altered States label; how does it feel to continue to have releases on the imprint?

Mary Droppinz: I am a homebody at heart so having a label that takes me in like family means a lot, especially one made by legends. Feels great to be pioneering the label’s sound with my releases.

TSS: With your new single hot off the presses, what else can the world expect from Mary Droppinz in 2023?

Mary Droppinz: I just made like 10 tracks this last weekend, I am on my producer shit right now so expect lots of new music this year. It will also expand my DJ sets bringing in my new originals so you can expect more vibes, more journeys and more memories made at my shows! I’ll be dropping a fashion line and more DJ classes as well for the community, I’m so pumped up for this year!!!

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