[Exclusive] Lupa’s Track-By-Track Breakdown of 5-Track “Insatiable” EP

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[Exclusive] Lupa’s Track-By-Track Breakdown of 5-Track “Insatiable” EP
Brian Bonavoglia

Building anticipation with a steady barrage of singles leading into its release, Lupa’s debut Insatiable EP has quickly become a mau5trap fan favorite in addition to showcasing the her production prowess to the electronic music community for all those who may not be familiar with her name. Well folks, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon because this bad boy is about to take off!

With this being her debut EP, Lupa took the time to break down her recent body of work track-by-track. Check it out below!

“‘Insatiable’ is about how I felt when I started producing music, learning graphic design, developing the Lupa project, and, just in general, becoming an artist. I developed this need and hunger for self-expression, but with it came a new anxiety. I placed an excessive amount of pressure on myself to succeed and second-guessed my music and art. When my friends told me I should submit my songs to mau5trap, I at first turned down the idea over fear of being rejected. I loved the music I had made, but I was terrified of not being good enough. A few hours later I remember looking at myself in the mirror and thinking “Why not?”. Releasing this EP made me face that anxiety head-on and brought me the strength to bring Lupa to life. It’s what the EP is about for me personally, but there’s no right or wrong way to interpret it. I hope everyone that listens finds their own meaning behind ‘Insatiable.'”

For The Ride

“The opening track on the EP is essentially about that “Why not?” feeling. It’s about stepping outside your comfort zone and acting in the face of hardship. I read and watch a lot of tv and movies in my spare time and one of my favorite things to do is to make music for specific characters, scenes, or arcs. “For the Ride” in particular was inspired by one of my favorite movies, the 1988 sci-fi cult classic, Akira, and I visualized the high speed motorcycle chases through the city as I made the song. The movie, but mostly the manga it’s adapted from, addresses the theme of accepting that which cannot be controlled. Bad things happen, but the only thing we can do is move onward. “For the Ride” is about action and acceptance and holds a special meaning to me personally.”


“This is my favorite song on “Insatiable”. I am not sure if it’s the call and response synths or the vocals, but I listen to it quite a lot during the day. There were originally two different versions of the song: one with an acid bass and another with a more plucky analogue bass. I love the wet 303 acid, but was worried that it would overpower the vocals and the synth stabs. For a few weeks, I forgot about the acid version until one day I accidentally opened the file. I automated the acid’s filters to create room for the synth stabs and vocals and fell in love with this new version. The automation also adds tension and helps create smooth transitions.”


“When I first went to college, my declared degree was Classics. I later changed it (and then changed it again), but I still have a deep love for the discipline. I studied Latin for four years in high school and my life changed when I read Ovid’s Metamorphoses. In the collection of poems, Ovid addresses themes of change through stories of mortals, monsters, and Gods. “Icarus” is arguably the most well known story from the Metamorphoses and I always wanted to tell the story through music. I named quite a few songs “Icarus” before finally deciding on this particular track and there was a lot that went into that decision. I needed to stop naming all my unreleased songs Icarus, but more importantly I felt like this song did a great job representing the themes of contrast and transformation. I’ve gotten a few questions about how I made the weird panning synth in the song as well. It’s actually an effect I used in Portal by Output as I’m a huge fan of granular effects.”

The Night

“This song is extremely fun to play live. I’ve opened a few shows with it and the audience never expects that kick with those vocals. “The Night” is a lot shorter than my other music and it actually used to have a second part. I took it out while preparing for a set once and realized that the song didn’t need to be long. I love how this is the final track and think it concludes “Insatiable” well. What I like most about this song is how the romantic, emotional break and vocals juxtapose the heaviness of the beat. Speaking of juxtaposition, one of my favorite parts of the song is actually the moment between the break and when the vocals hit. I used the plug-in endless smile to really build the tension in the break and added some more white noise to drive it home. Combined with the automated plucks, the build peaks and reverbs out. I added extra reverb on the pluck to keep the melodic element and then slowly let the reverb die down. I let this moment linger a bit longer than it should so when the kick and vocals finally hit, you really notice.”

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