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[TSS Premiere] CHYLD & Mickey Darling Have Your “ANTIDOTE”

[TSS Premiere] CHYLD & Mickey Darling Have Your “ANTIDOTE”
Brian Poles

Coming off the release of the remix pack for his single, “Bedtime”, Boston-based singer and multi-instrumentalist CHYLD has brought us his latest tune, “ANTIDOTE”, featuring the pop duo Mickey Darling. The song combines melancholic lyrics with vibrant instrumentals and upbeat melodies. Retro synths give the song an old-school sound, turning back the clock to the early 90s pop sound which flooded the airwaves. The dancey production does in a way overshadow the downtrodden message that the lyrics are conveying, the all-to-common struggles of a relationship, but that is part of the message as it weaves in that everything does not have to be so serious and it is not the end of the world when things don’t work out. There is a strange playfulness about this song and it is the epitome of the bedroom-pop sound which is exploding all over. The video takes that quite literally, as it was filmed in isolation and is the main setting for this three minute journey.

“ANTIDOTE” is out now via Tommy Boy Records and you can download and watch the video below in full. This is a fun song to start your Friday with and to get the energy for your day going and to propel you into the weekend. So check out the video now and prepare to not be able to stand still.

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