Ben Klein Launches “Hundred Days” Record Label + Roman Rouge Debut Single

Ben Klein Launches “Hundred Days” Record Label + Roman Rouge Debut Single
Jeaux Bay

You may not have heard of the name, Ben Klein, but you have most likely heard of the artist Jai Wolf. Ben, managing Jai for his entire career, has been an instrumental figure in the rise of this talent. He’s partnered with Tal Oz, who has worked as an A&R at Interscope and Mom + Pop, to launch their own record label and publishing venture, “Hundred Days”. We are pumped for him to kick things off with this new journey and the debut single is fantastic.

He tapped Roman Rouge to lead off the label with his initial single, “Need A Friend.” Here what Klein has to say about owning his own label amongst other things,

“Having my own record label has been a dream of mine since I’m a kid”, said Klein. “I recognized a gap in the market place: there are no labels signing pop music at the very beginning of an artist’s careers (pre 100,000 streams)”.

“You really just have major labels in the pop space who are signing artists to long-term royalty deals, where the artists get a sliver of the pie and doesn’t maintain their creative control. Major labels are inundated, doing 5, 10, 15+ releases a week. They can’t provide a customized and thoughtful release plan when they have so much content coming through their pipeline”.

“Hundred Days relies on A&R instinct and is about the artist. We do short-term, 50-50 deals and offer complete creative control. We’ll do real artist development, fight for every new fan and be there as active, communicative and transparent team members”.

Oz added “Ben and I worked very closely for years in an A&R x manager relationship and we had a great deal of synergy in our taste, operations, and viewpoints on the future of the record business. I leapt at the opportunity to start this label with a friend. Ben and I have many complementary areas of expertise and we’re excited to do the hard work for artists and give them a level up in A&R, marketing, and digital strategy”.

Klein finished with, “Roman embodies what we’re looking for in an artist. He has an amazing voice, a vision for himself and his artistry, and the drive and attitude that makes people successful in music. We couldn’t be more excited to release “Need A Friend” and welcome him to our family”.

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