[TSS Interview] Axel Boy Talks New EP, Circus Records And More!

[TSS Interview] Axel Boy Talks New EP, Circus Records And More!
Lauren Ikenn

It’s been quite the year for Axel Boy. Not only did the UK native release a collaboration with Jauz in 2019, but he also recently dropped an incredible new EP. ‘Phases,’ which is out now on Circus Records, includes six tracks, each better than the last. This hard-hitting EP truly showcases Axel Boy’s incredible talent and we have no doubt that this is just the beginning for the up-and-coming bass sensation. We had the pleasure of chatting with Axel Boy about his musical influences, his time at Circus Records, the inspiration behind his ‘Phases’ and so much more. Be sure to listen to ‘Phases’ and check out the complete interview below!

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TSS: Introduce yourself. What do you want people to know about Axel Boy?

Axel Boy: My name is Alex, I’m 27 years old and I’ve been writing electronic music for almost a decade now. I grew up in a city called Bristol in the UK. It is renowned for its bass music culture and I used to attend raves regularly, which lead me to discover my love for electronic music. I started out listening to UK hardcore, which showed me the incredible side of uplifting euphoria through melody in dance music. I then discovered drum and bass, which lead me to realize the wonders of bass music. After a few years in grime I really got into dubstep. At first, I enjoyed it, but I kept it at arm’s length. 2010 was when I really fell in love with it though. Dubstep has played a massive part in my life as a music lover and as a producer. Seeing the genre evolve in so many ways has been a blessing. However, after 10 years I find myself gravitating away from the head-bang sound and into a 4×4 dance domain.

TSS: How would you define your sound?

Axel Boy: My sound is high-octane, energetic, melodic and colorful. I take influence from 4×4 bassline, bass-house and dubstep. It’s a combination of all the things I’ve grown to love about bass music.

TSS: Who are some of your musical influences?

Axel Boy: I have many! A lot of my melodies, chord progressions and note choices are inspired by liquid drum and bass. Artists including Netsky, Pendulum and Dimension have all delivered that incredible melodic side of bass music that really rubs off in my intros and breakdowns. For grooves, I love taking influence from 2010-15 dubstep. We’re talking Skream, Benga and other early artists who implemented that groove-driven swingy dance vibe into the genre. I am also inspired by Nero, a great band who added a huge cinematic and epic touch to bass music. I have tones more, but we’d be here all day!

TSS: What has your time at Circus Records been like?

Axel Boy: It’s been fantastic! Circus run a very solid label and has a great bunch of people pushing artists of all different calibers. I remember going to a rave in 2011, where Circus took over one of the most renowned, best clubs in the world: Motion. I knew then that I needed to work with them one day. They have been a huge influence on me as a listener, lover of music and producer over the years.

TSS: You recently collaborated with Jauz on your infectious single, “I Dare You.” What was that collaboration process like?

Axel Boy: The idea of us doing a tune together had been in the pipeline for a while. I first met Sam at EDC in 2017. I always loved his blend of the American sound, which had elements of the UK sound. I always thought it was a really fresh mix. We had played around with some ideas, but it wasn’t until the beginning of this year, when I went to one of Sam’s gigs in Cardiff, that we reignited the idea. I sent him the demo of “I Dare You” and he was instantly keen to work on it. We worked on it remotely and passed stems back and forth. Overall it was a really great, smooth working process! Sam is great guy and I’m stoked because our sounds blended really well on this record. It was definitely 50/50.

TSS: If you could collaborate with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Axel Boy: At the moment it would have to be Billie Eilish. I know she’s like the modern-day Justin Bieber in terms of popularity, but it’s justified. After watching her play to 50,000 people at Glastonbury, I was literally in awe. I think her vocals are up there with the best in the world right now and her versatility in her releases is attractive to work with.

TSS: You recently dropped a new EP. What was the inspiration behind ‘Phases’?

Axel Boy: ‘Phases’ is a representation of my personal feelings throughout the year. I always try to take my personal experiences/emotions and translate them into my music. At the beginning of the year I was full of emotions that I was trying to contain, and it bled into my music. For example, “Let It Show” was written when I needed someone to show mom ore affection and “Go To My Head” was written when something was really getting to me. That was my emotional approach to the music on this EP. The name ‘Phases’ is an overall representation of what I was going through.

TSS: What can your fans expect from you in the upcoming months?

Axel Boy: I have two or three more records coming as the year comes to a close and they’re all high energy slappers. Early next year, I hope to be out on tour in America and of course I’m working on leveling up my music as I continuously try to chase contentment as a producer!

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