[TSS Interview] Yogamuffin Gives Us An Exclusive Look Into His Creative Process & Much More

[TSS Interview] Yogamuffin Gives Us An Exclusive Look Into His Creative Process & Much More
Evan Walters

If you look up the definition of artist it reads, “a person engaged in an activity related to creating art.” I recently had the pleasure of linking with a guy who goes by Yogamuffin and I swear I’ve never met anybody who fits this more. Between his musical and painting careers, I’m not sure how he has time to manage a production company. He somehow always finds a way though; we’re here today to get a little bit of insight into how the man does it! Turn up that brand new mix below, just released via The Gradient Perspective and get familiar.

TSS: Judging by the way you pump out tracks with ease, clearly you’ve been at this for awhile. When did you start making music?
Yogamuffin: The first time I wrote and performed a song was for my school talent show in 1st grade, I built a drum out of some boxes (I can’t remember exactly what I used) and sang and played the drum sort of like a campfire song (lol). I continued writing lyrics but it wasn’t until 9th grade that I met a buddy who made beats and started actually recording and releasing tunes. I played in some bands after that and then that original buddy sold me an MPC and I started producing. The rest is history! :)

TSS: You have an extremely unique sound/style. I’m curious, who were your earliest inspirations?
Yogamuffin: When I was younger I listened to alt rock bands and emo music, like taking back Sunday and Modest Mouse, then discovered hip hop in middle school, my favorites were common, Aesop Rock, The Pharcyde, and Devin the Dude. In high school I pretty much listened to the band “why?” For four straight years and it definitely influenced a lot of my writing and compositions. It wasn’t until college that I discovered electronic music.

TSS: We all know your skilled with different production software but which one is your favorite and why?
Yogamuffin: Ableton!!!! It’s just really easy for me to think in. It’s very forgiving, it’s hard to accidentally delete things, and I use a lot of modulation and midi mapping in my pieces which Ableton handles really well. And you can perform in it!

TSS: In such a populated industry, what sets you apart from all of the other up and coming artists?
Yogamuffin: I think I have a unique ear and I put a lot of soul into my music. A lot of artists do obviously, but I feel like the genuine soul you put into your art is what separates your output from others. I feel like I incorporate a broader range of genres than a lot of electronic stuff, and have a deeper hip hop back bone than a lot of producers. Also, I invest a lot of energy into Sound healing elements, from solfeggio frequencies to using natural sounds that correlate with different chakras and positive affirmations. I think my music heals or lifts the listener’s vibration in a more intentional way than most.

TSS: I’m a fan of your stage name but what exactly is a Yogamuffin and what does it mean to you?
Yogamuffin: “Yoga” means a path, a method. Muffins were what I was basically living off of at the time the name came up because I was between jobs and broke and my roommate worked at a bakery and would bring home muffins. To me they stood for “what is” or “salvation” if you wanna go that far.
So, to me, Yogamuffin = a path to what is, which is what I hope to do with my music, help people find truth and love and what’s important.

TSS: I’m sure your production company, Drum Circle Productions, keeps you plenty busy; how do you balance your time as an organizer and a music maker?
Yogamuffin: It’s really hard man! I spend a lot of time halfway in both worlds, but the rare moments when I’m fully immersed in a studio session or a show I’ve been planning forever is finally underway, are super worth the stress and time consumption. I wouldn’t be fulfilled just making my own tunes I think, I love to see people smile and dance and I love to see people believing in their dreams and each other’s.

Through my music I’m able to do some of that, but through the events I’m able to do more, I can empower people who I feel like deserve it and go under appreciated. Those experiences inspire and fuel the music so it’s all good. It’s also sometimes hard to figure out when to put myself on a lineup because I want to stay humble, but it’s not too hard to see when what sound is really the most appropriate.

TSS: Do you have anything in particular you’re looking to accomplish in 2019?
Yogamuffin: I want to play some music in another country, collaborate with someone I look up to and I’d like to make it to Burning Man and contribute in some way for the first time. It’d be cool to help someone fall in love too.

That’s all folks, big ups to Yogamuffin for sitting down with us! Be sure to drop a like on his socials to make sure you don’t miss any new tunes from the boy.

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