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Jivea Drops Latest Original – “Whispers” Feat. Hope Rene

Jivea Drops Latest Original – “Whispers” Feat. Hope Rene
Nelie D

Tampa based DJ/Producer, Jivea, recently released a sickening new original called, “Whispers” Feat. Hope Rene, and it does not disappoint. It features a smooth flowin progression with a solid vibin groove that can easily get the good feels going. Vocal work is greatly complimented by the overall melodic production. Definitely crafted a highly infectious uplifting atmosphere. This is part of a 3-tracked EP called Empire, so if you dig the sound of this one, might as well check that one out too! Hit Play and Enjoy!

Jivea – “Whispers” Feat. Hope Rene | Download |

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Nelie D

Occasional drinker, Heavy smoker, Loves the city but finds peace in nature.

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