[TSS Interview] DMVU Talks Musical Influences, New EP & More!

[TSS Interview] DMVU Talks Musical Influences, New EP & More!
Lauren Ikenn

There’s no question DMVU has been killing the music game lately. After signing with Circus Records, the talented producer released a dope 5-track EP. We had the pleasure of interviewing DMVU and he told us all about his background, his musical influences, his new EP, ‘Cloccworcc’ and much more. Check out the exclusive interview below and be sure to listen to ‘Cloccworcc.’

DMVU- Cloccworcc EP | Download |

TSS: Tell us a bit about yourself. How’d you get your start in the music industry?

DMVU: My names Matt, I’m 23 and I got into music when I was pretty young. I grew up playing the drums and piano and eventually in high school I switched to a computer. I started making hip-hop beats and just kind of eventually got bored and tried switching it up a bit and eventually found my way into the dubstep community. I suppose the rest is history.

TSS: What’s one piece of advice you wish you knew when you started out?

DMVU: When I first started out, I was always really worried about if what I was making was the “right” thing. I didn’t really understand it’s not about pleasing everyone, just make what you think is dope. When you start writing music for other people you tend to lose sight of what’s important.

TSS: Who are your musical influences?

DMVU: I’m really into soul music and hip-hop. Madlib, Dilla, Sam Cooke and Sarah Vaughn. As far as electronic music goes, I’ve always been really into Aphex Twin. In terms of deep dubstep, Mala, Kahn and Skream; it’s one of my favorite sounds.

TSS: Who do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

DMVU: I would love to do something with Alon Mor. He is one of the most forward thinking producers right now. Also, Gucci Mane would be a dream come true…. someday I hope!

TSS: What venue or festival do you hope to play?

DMVU: I’m really trying to get to Shambhala and Outlook within the next year or so. Also, Lost Lands would be amazing.

TSS: When you aren’t creating music, who are your favorite artists to listen to?

DMVU: I’ve been bumping Frank Ocean and Kanye West on repeat. I’ve also been listening to a lot of X&G and Bleep Bloop as well, they’re both on some serious cutting edge vibe. Also, huge shouts to Emancipator and Borealism for keeping me calm!

TSS: What was the inspiration behind your new EP, ‘Cloccworcc?’

DMVU: I was just trying to make something that was stripped back but could still get hype in a club. I tried using a lot of breaks and space; I think it really helps bring out the sounds when you don’t overuse them. It was kind of a play on modern club music with a darker and slower approach.

TSS: What do you have in store for the rest of 2017?

DMVU: After wrapping up this tour with Yheti and Toadface, I’m going to spend of lot of time working on new material. I have a side project called Ghost Creek with a vocalist friend of mine. We are wrapping up our album now. I also have new things in the works with longtime friend and collaborator Ill Chill, and I’m really stoked about both these projects.

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