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Darren Styles Gives Stonebank’s “The Only One” A Happy Hardcore Remix

Darren Styles Gives Stonebank’s “The Only One” A Happy Hardcore Remix
Brian Poles

In a fashion that is unparalleled, Darren Styles, the king of happy hardcore, has released his latest tune. This time he has gone and given Stonebank‘s “The Only One” featuring Ben Clark an uplifting remix. In this he mashed the core pieces and melody of the original with his upbeat happy hardcore sound. He turned the more solemn song into a feel good dancefloor mover. There is nothing inherently crazy about this track, but the production on it is flawless, as is typical to Darren Styles, and it will certainly make you smile and dance and that is what is most important.

You can grab this remix as a free download via Monstercat. The label has been dabbling more in the hard dance sound as of late which is unique for a label such as theirs. Not many labels dare to sign music that they know their core audience may not be as familiar with so for Monstercat to do this is a bold statement from them saying that they are not afraid to branch out and take chances. So download this freebie now and stay tuned to see what else Monstercat may be releasing from the hard dance genre.

Stonebank – The Only One (feat. Ben Clark) (Darren Styles Remix) | Free Download |

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