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Artist Spotlight: Terravita Hit The Road With Their New EP

Artist Spotlight: Terravita Hit The Road With Their New EP
Josh Duham

In an ever changing scene of Bass Music, Terravita have always seemed to keep it fresh and stay ahead of the curve. Their infusion of hip-hop into energetic instrumentals is matched by none. They’ve been a solid act for years now and, with the way they have been able to change their sound, many more years to come.

They are about to embark on another tour across the states and one of the marquee stops is the great city of Boston at The Middle East. The city has been blessed to have these guys stop by with BARE alongside them, so make sure you got your tickets!

With the tour comes their latest EP which hit Buygore last week and TSS was lucky enough to steal some of their time and pick their brains. Here’s what they had to say:

TSS: First off, the new EP is a new sound for you, how do you guys always seem to redirect your design and stay ahead of the curve?

Terravita: I don’t know that we think of it in that sense. We just continue to make music that we’re happy with based on what we’re feeling at the moment. There’s a lot that goes into it but it all comes back to the creative process, we never have much of a plan going in, what comes out is based off how we’re currently feeling and what’s inspiring us at the time.

TSS: Tell us about the journey of the EP. How the project came about and what the process was.

Terravita: The EP started with some hip hop stuff I (Jon) had written and was having a really good time doing it so when Chris heard it we decided to base a lot of it off that influence. We really wanted to make this EP something we had been thinking of doing for a long time, but really thought we couldn’t do it. Using more female vocals, trying to bring more of a melodic element into some things, experimenting with different BPMs. When you switch things up like this it’s always a bit of a risk. People can be very critical and when they’ve come to expect a certain sound from you, a change can be poorly received. Luckily, it wasn’t like that for us. It boiled down to what matters the most, us continuing to write the music that we felt best represents where we are at as artists. Then just hope people like it hahaha.

TSS: Do you like the new direction of Bass music?

Terravita: To be honest, I (Jon) don’t pay too much attention to that type of stuff. That is something is more Chris, who is constantly finding new music and keeping up to date with everything. What I can say is that I like how diverse things are getting. It’s really giving people a bit more freedom to go out and maybe try something they wouldn’t have in the past. Bass music is it’s own thing now so the spectrum of what’s acceptable has widened. That’s what I’ve noticed and I like that aspect of it a lot.

TSS: Is it fun to blend hip-hop into your songs? Or is it more of a challenge with how aggressive the instrumentals can be?

Terravita: I (Jon) love it. That’s something we both have really enjoying. The big challenge for me (Jon) is putting a meaning to the lyrics and still having people like the songs. For a pretty long time in dance music culture, there weren’t too many songs with meaningful lyrics, at least not from rappers/MCs. Most things were based around the party culture, talking about things like popping bottles and getting the party turned up. So when you write a song about your viewpoints on religion, world politics, issues like suicide, how do you blend that with something you can bang your head to and still make people appreciate the message? So that’s what the both of us been having fun with. The more aggressive the beat the better for me.

TSS: Would you like to see the styles of earlier Bass music (dubstep particularly) make a comeback or do you think genres should always evolve?

Terravita: I (Jon) think everything will always evolve, no matter what but music is cyclical. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the older sounding stuff make a comeback but I don’t think the it will ever stop evolving. In my opinion, that’s one of the most fascinating as well as fun parts of music, seeing what will come next.

TSS: It’s been said that 2016 is going to be the comeback of bass music, do you agree and how can others in your genre help push that movement?

Terravita: To be honest, I (Jon) never saw any decline in bass music from the start. I think when people say stuff like, that it’s mostly based off of what festival promoters feel like booking, there is a false feel on the market demand. When you see a decline in bass music acts on festivals for a year, I think people assume that a genre is declining but then you see guys like excision sell out his tours repeatedly in these huge rooms and it’s kind of hard to see that and say that something needs a comeback. I don’t think anyone needs to run around waving the flag and shouting from the rooftops, I just think artists need to continue to do what makes them happy and hopefully that will create more fans for the genres involved organically.

TSS: With so much talent being discovered lately, which newcomer’s stuff have you been enjoying the most?

Terravita: It’s a pretty long list haha. Half Empty is a kid to watch out for his new stuff is amazing. Guys like Jauz, who I wouldn’t necessarily say is new, I’m pretty sure everyone knows about him at this point but I like the stuff he’s been making a lot. Virtual riot, Ehide, this kid Tempest, Said the sky, and Riot Ten.

TSS: If you could curate your own bass stage at any music festival, who would be your acts to include?

Terravita: Well, we do curate Safe in Sound so that lineup is generally pretty indicative of who we would pick, haha. If there were no budgets or management or agents involved and I (Jon) could pick anyone, I’d pick everyone hahaha.

TSS: Any last words on the EP/Tour?

Terravita: I (Jon) really just hope people enjoy the music. Our live performances have stayed pretty much the same with the addition of the new music so people can expect the same thing from us live that we’ve always done. Hope to see everyone out at the shows!

And there you have it! As for The Fallen EP, each track is totally different from the next. Yet all 5 records have an immense amount of energy and of couse…bass! The features, especially ‘No Escape’ with Tima Dee, are phenomenal. A seamless blend of powerful vocals and wobbly synths are the perfect combination to leave you jaw dropped at what’s coming through your speakers.

Some heavy trap with Riot Ten and hip-hop round out the other notable hits, but the key is the bouncy moombahton track at the end. Not enough people make moombahton these days but damn, Terravita nailed it and brought it back to life. Take a full listen to this loaded body of work below and be sure to support it on Beatport today!

Terravita – The Fallen EP | Beatport |

You can catch Jon & Chris on the road as well, these are some can’t miss shows to kick off your summer of bass infused fun.


“Follow” Terravita: | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud |




Artist Spotlight
Josh Duham

Alien from Boston. @Jduham

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