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Get In Line And Get Ready For WRECKVGE & Rigby’s Massive Remix Of Beyonce’s “Formation”

Get In Line And Get Ready For WRECKVGE & Rigby’s Massive Remix Of Beyonce’s “Formation”
Nick Hailer

Now the dust has somewhat settled around the firestorm of nothingness controversy about Beyonce’s recent Super Bowl performance and single “Formation”, we can move on and get into the remixes we’ve been so desperately been waiting for. Coming straight out of Serbia, the mysterious dynamic duo known as WRECKVGE with the help of up and comer Rigby have released a hybrid trap remix of Queen B that the “They’s” don’t want you to hear. So you better make sure you hear it.

Beyonce – Formation (Wreckvge & Rigby Remix) | Download

The bouncing trap beat of original was begging for a quality remix and these guys certainly delivered. Adding in slamming trap drums, trippy background synths and by keeping Bey’s vocals riding over the top, it leads perfectly into an absolutely bonkers hybrid trap drop that’ll make your head spin like a middle aged housewife in Kansas who can’t bare to see Beyonce dance (Get over it already). Everything about this track leads us to believe that if you’re playing a “Formation” remix in the club, it should be this one because you’ll be hard pressed to find a better one out there.

Although the “They’s” at soundcloud didn’t want you to have it, this song is available now on Youtube and you can still get the free download linked above! Just throw them a like on facebook and it’s all yours for every and always. So check out the song, grab that download, throw on your glow in the dark trap mask and turn those speakers up!

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Hybrid Trap
Nick Hailer

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