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I.Y.F.F.E Has Got The “Beats On Fire”

I.Y.F.F.E Has Got The “Beats On Fire”
Brian Poles

It has been a big year for Brazilian producer I.Y.F.F.E. So far this year he has released a number of tunes that have risen high on a number of Beatport charts, produced a monster collab with ATLiens, and is now back with a new hybrid dubstep/trap song with reggae and hip-hop elements called “Beats On Fire” featuring Krime Fyter.

The beats are certainly on fire with this one with a headbanging first drop that will get the crowd absolutely hyped and fired up. Then comes a drum breakdown and back into Krime Fyter’s lyrics before dropping into a drop that will just blow your speakers. This song shows off I.Y.F.F.E’s production talent as it combines so many elements into one cohesive song. This song is out now via Uprise Music and is available for purchase on Beatport.

I.Y.F.F.E also announced that his project has turned into a solo one, splitting from his partner Darth Vader who is going on to fully commit to his psy-trance alias Harmonika. The split was mutual and the two are still good friends.

If you are feeling this song by I.Y.F.F.E look out for future collabs from him with the likes of Meaux Green, Tropkillaz, and FTampa. Be sure to give him a follow on social media to get more information as it becomes available. For now you can stream this in full below or hop on over to Beatport to purchase and blast wherever you want.

I.Y.F.F.E – Beats On Fire Feat. Krime Fyter | Download |

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