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Netflix & Chill Playlist Addition By Brooklyn Producer Josh Jacobson

Netflix & Chill Playlist Addition By Brooklyn Producer Josh Jacobson
Jeaux Bay

Netflix & Chill has gotten out of hand. While we are still on the subject might as well add to your playlist for the cuffing season that is among us. Talented artists can be found on every corner of New York City. Josh Jacobson happens to be one of those talents and his productions hit deep. You can feel the honesty in the chords and Skela’s vocal melody pulls you in. I know you hear that sexy trumpet and you need to know that it was Kenny Wallach who delivered the feels. “Not Alone” is unique and comforting and will be a perfect Sunday chill track after an eventful weekend. Here what Josh has to say about the record below:

“…We learn to live and be happy by ourselves but nostalgia for past love stays with us always. This song is about the moments when these emotions all happen at once, when joy and melancholy coexist and everything feels like walking through a dream. Turn up the volume and let the feels pull you in.”

– Josh Jacobson

Josh Jacobson ft. Skela – Not Alone | Download |

Featured Image by Paul Capra




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