Dive Into The Underground With Audiophile XXL’s “Doble XX Grande” Compilation

Dive Into The Underground With Audiophile XXL’s “Doble XX Grande” Compilation
Brian Poles

Full of underground rhythms, bangin’ bass, heavy beats, and unique house sounds, Audiophile XXL’s new compilation album “Doble XX Grande” has something for everyone. There are 13 tracks on the album and the whole thing is available for purchase now. From start to finish this thing is solid with every track being just as good as the next.

Kicking off the album is Inkline‘s “After Hours” which features some club-ready UK garage and deep house sounds that will get anybody moving, especially in the late of night when you just want the party to keep on going. Next up is 219 Boys‘s track “My Chicks” which stays with the underground sound but throws in that g-house sound to slow it down a bit but still provides a cool late night sounding song that anyone could get down to.

To continue the pattern of underground garage sounds, Intermodal with his track “Record on Replay” and Dillon Nathaniel with his track “Flip The Tape” both feature groovy rhythms and unique beats. These tracks could hold up in any club setting as they offer a nice refreshing change of pace to your typical garage music.

Next up are a few of my favorites from the album and those are Nina Wilde & DopeKidJay‘s “Ready,” Convex‘s “Fallback,” Ghost Channel‘s “Transfer,” and Dateless‘s “Word of Mouth.” “Ready” is a heavy mix of deep and bass house sounds which is completely different from the rest of the album thus far and just bangs from start to finish. “Fallback” is also a bass house tune with heavy bass and will surely rattle your speakers when you let this play at full blast. The mix of sounds Convex uses in this blends together perfectly to provide us with a song that just pops off. Ghost Channel’s track “Transfer” may be the most unique and vibey track on the album. It’s upbeat rhythm just makes you smile and want to dance no matter what. To round up my top tracks is “Word of Mouth” from Dateless. This is a trippy sounding bass house song that still throws down some danceable beats.

At this point you’re probably wondering to yourself, ‘okay this is awesome, but it can’t all be this great can it?’ Well it can and when you hear “So High” by A.C. you will understand. This is a full on dance track that is just so easy to lose yourself in and feel as high as can be. Hardrave continues that high with his “HearXBeat” with its hard bass house sounds that get your head bobbing back and forth to its mesmerizing rhythm and deep synths.

Rounding out the album is Hairitage & Nick Ash‘s “From Alderaan,” Rubber Mood‘s “Hidra,” and Closed Caption‘s “Drop That.” “From Alderann” is a house tune that sounds like it came deep from space (the title is a Star Wars reference) with its futuristic sounds strung throughout the song. That blended with some deep synths give us a very bouncy and fun song. It kind of sounds like something Mr. Belt & Wezol would cook up. “Hidra” is a menacing deep and dark bass house tune that is also very unique and not much like any of the other songs on here. It offers a different sound to the genre that has not been much explored and leaves us wanting more. Last but not least is Closed Caption with “Drop That” and they certainly do that by dropping a heavy tech house beat that is perfect for closing out the album. The song contains many of the elements we have already heard on the tape but positively unique. This is definitely a song you would hear in the club as the night comes to an end, just as this album has.

I hope everyone listens to this whole thing through as it is one of the more genuinely different albums I have heard recently with a solid group of up-and-coming artists who deserve some attention in this ever growing world of electronic music. Remember you can purchase this now via Audiophile XXL and bump it wherever, whether it be at your next party, at the gym, or on the road. There is something in here for every occasion.

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Brian Poles

Phoenix, AZ. @thepolesreport.

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