Crywolf Continues To Mesmerize With “Wake [E-bow]”

Crywolf Continues To Mesmerize With “Wake [E-bow]”

We all seek some form of escapism when we hit play on a song. Whether we are searching for answers in a moment of crisis or a little motivation to hit the gym, we can all rely on music to instantly help us escape our current mood and status. So, what am I getting at here? Crywolf’s latest single “Wake [E-bow]” off his forthcoming album Cataclasm. This song is so powerful it has the ability to bring you out of your current realm and into 4 minutes of musical euphoria. It’s safe to say that “Wake [E-bow]” is not just a song, but a transcendental track that brings emotion and the listener to life as they ride the rollercoaster through tantalizing instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics. If this is any preview of what is to come in November, then we are in for one hell of a treat. If you’re feeling anxious, you can pre-order the whole album here and get the two latest singles for your listening enjoyment.

“When I was 19 I had a sort of existential crisis; I dropped out of school, bought a motorcycle, and took off on a 3 month trip roaming the U.S., just couch surfing with strangers and meeting new people in each city. I was reckless; flying down highways and back roads all day long at obscene speeds. I think I was looking for something, but I didn’t really know what it was yet.
I used to listen to this song, “Wrapped In Piano Strings” by Radical Face as I sped over mountains and through the desert on my bike. The wind biting at my face, this fluttering in my chest… it was like I was escaping everything I knew, everything that was familiar. When the climax of the song was approaching, I would put my head down and just completely open up the throttle. The feeling it gave me was one of the most beautiful I have ever felt. It was like a religious experience. It brought me close to tears a few times. For the first time, I saw the world as profoundly beautiful. This song is inspired by that feeling… Escaping the familiar, venturing into the unknown.”

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