[Event Review] Electric Zoo: Transformed

Photos provided by Electric Zoo: Transformed
[Event Review] Electric Zoo: Transformed
Brian Bonavoglia

Ahhh Electric Zoo: Transformed, where do I even begin? When Labor Day weekend comes around here on the east coast two things come to mind: the fact most of us have a three day week and of course, Electric Zoo! However, this year New York City’s Electric Zoo would be transformed!

Last December, when the news broke Electric Zoo announced that they would be taking over Randall’s Island, they announced that the festival would be reimagined and that a transformation was going to take place, they weren’t kidding. After many fans began losing faith after witnessing a series of unfortunate events ending the festival a day early in 2013 and 2014, Electric Zoo: Transformed was back to take back what was rightfully theirs, New York City.


Being born and raised in New York and knowing the history behind Electric Zoo, it was very discouraging to see some of the negativity on social media in the months leading up to the festival. This was New York’s original dance music festival everyone was talking about! For those who remained faithful and attended this past Labor Day weekend, they witnessed something special, Electric Zoo was indeed bigger and better than ever.


With what was easily the most diverse lineup of artists and food vendors to ever hit Randall’s Island, all-new production and a perfect forecast for the weekend, Electric Zoo: Transformed exceeded all expectations and set the bar quite high for their return in 2016. There was just a certain energy around New York City for the holiday weekend that I honestly can’t put into words, the city was simply buzzing.

Now I’m not going to touch too much on the sets that went on the weekend because a good chunk of them were recorded so if you look hard enough, so I’d rather you experience them firsthand. However, I will say EVERYONE brought their A game. Whether it was Kennedy Jones DJing from the crowd, The Chemical Brothers putting on a history lesson, Audien showcasing this latest EP, Thomas Jack welcoming the sunset, NERVO showcasing their album or The Glitch Mob leaving the Hilltop Arena in awe, no one held anything back for the greatest city in the world.


This year’s diverse lineup gave fans the opportunity to venture off and experience a bevy of artists that don’t come around the city too often or just explore some unfamiliar names. While main stage never seems to disappoint especially with this year’s beautiful phoenix mega-structure, Riverside seemed to be a fan favorite. How could one not enjoy a stage that took the form of a giant octopus?

It’s crazy to think that a weekend we waited about nine months for comes and goes in what seems to be a blink of an eye. For one weekend, we all escaped from it all to come together for the love a music. That’s what a music festival is all about, creating memories and new friendships because we all have one thing in common, a love for dance music.
Electric Zoo: Transformed restored whatever hope was lost and brought back the magic to Randall’s Island Labor Day weekend. I have a feeling it won’t be long until Electric Zoo: Transformed once again reins supreme here in New York City……and that’s the way it should be.




Brian Bonavoglia

I am my own spirit animal. #ForTheKids - brian.bonavoglia@thissongslaps.com

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