Listen To All The Best “Deep Down Low” Remixes

Listen To All The Best “Deep Down Low” Remixes
Nick Hailer

If you’re still fortunate to have an active soundcloud, you’ve probably noticed that everyone and their Mom is remixing Valentino Khan’s smash track “Deep Down Low”. Soundcloud feeds are currently filled with remixes from some of the top names in the game doing what they do best bringing their own personal spin on it spanning multiple sub genres. However, it’s also giving some shine to some unknown or often overlooked names out there. They got their hands on the stems and uploaded it with the hope and prayer of plays and that it wouldn’t get striked on soundcloud for copyright infringement.

So here are all the top Valentino Khan “Deep Down Loads” that we could find out there and it’s up to you to pick who did it best.

Valentino Khan2


Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Original Mix) | Itunes |

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low Remixes | Itunes |

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Party Favor Remix)

Mad Decent’s Party Favor has been banging out outstanding remixes and originals over the last year and he brought some of his mojo over to Valentino Khan’s camp. Taking the moombah record to familiar territory with a bonkers trap interpretation of the track. Switching up the tempo and add some classic trap must haves like pounding 808’s, epic horns and squealing lead synths. This track is a good way to get started and it sets the bar very high for the other remixes.

Party Favor

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Party Favor Remix) | Itunes |

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Getter Remix)

Getter has been keeping the bass faithful fed with his genre smashing style that stays true to the roots of bass music. His take on Valentino Khan’s “Deep Download” spins it into a glitched out, bass house track that’ll be in rotation with the gnarlier, bass heavy acts around the scene. This is definitely the climax track of anyone’s set and is a sure fire crowd rocker.


Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Getter Remix) | Itunes |

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (ETC!ETC! X TIGHTTRAXX Remix)

The moombah community is tight as it comes and Valentio brings in some of his heavy hitting amigos ETC!ETC! and TIGHTTRAXX to add their touch to the record. They do not disappoint! They take the song and turn it into the one of the most infectious party bangers you’ve ever heard with screaming moombah synths, a bouncing rhythm and even monkey samples. Overall, this remix is just bananas!


Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (ETC!ETC! X TIGHTTRAXX Remix) | Itunes |

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (LH4L Remix)

The dark horse of the remix compelation has to be the future hip hop influenced take done by LH4L. The beauty of a remix package like this is you usually find a new favorite to follow and for us personally, LH4L stood out from the pack and became that new favorite. Taking a darker, more experimental route, LH4L takes the stems and flips is into a a grimey, deep and atmospheric track that sets a completely different tone for the song’s context. This one was a pleasant surprise and earned him a like and a follow!


Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (LH4L Remix) | Itunes |

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Delta Heavy Remix)

Bass music heavyweights Delta Heavy come in with a nothing less that specacular take on “Deep Down Low”. Blending the song into a drumstep influenced party starter, Delta Heavy adds a raucous tempo, slamming drums and hardcore bass stabs. This remix isn’t for the faint of heart. Delta Heavy did not join in on this just to take part, they damn near took it over with this one.


Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Delta Heavy Remix) | Itunes |

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (G-Buck Remix)

One name that’s been popping up more and more is G-Buck with his hip hop influenced hybrid trap style. G-Buck shines out on this one.  With a juke pace, some super stuttery glitches and slamming bass, this track is pure trap madness. G-Buck lays out a killer offering to the “Deep Down Low” and makes us more excited to what he’s got in store next.


Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (G-Buck Remix) | Itunes |


Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (DUDEnGUY X JakK’D Remix)

From their “All Day” mashup and their interview on TSS, DUDEnGUY have been racking up some serious shares on the site. With songs like this, not hard to see why. Fresh off their soundclouds getting deleted, DUDEnGUY team up with frequent collaborates Jakk’D to take on the “Deep Down Low” challenge. They combine to make some rambunctious and genre bending additions to one of the songs of the summer, and they’re definitely earning back some followers with this one. Soundcloud can’t keep these guys down for low, but they can make everyone go Deep Down Low.



Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (DUDEnGUY X JakK’D Remix) | Free Download |

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Motherboaard Remix)

Gotta love when you dig up a gem. Taking a more minimalist, tech based, bass house approach, Motherboaard takes the smashing party banger and flips it on it’s head. The growing future bass and house scene is bringing more and more enegmatic and progressive producers to the forefront and MotherBoarrd certainly fits the description. If you want to go off the beaten path and find something new, this remix is for you.


Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Motherboaard Remix) | Free Download |

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Moksi Remix)

Straight outta the Netherlands, Moskie offers up an epic official remix. Keeping in line with the bass house movment, Moskie provides a 100% facemelter with their remix. Kangol bucket hats and all, this remix is nothing be fun and would do old Valentino proud.



Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Moksi Remix) | Free Download |

Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Xplicid Remix)

Glad to say the American flag is raised back in Cuba and relations between the two nations to begin trading and welcoming each others cultures will be happening again. Well, if they have more producers like Xplicid, we’re glad they’ll be able to share all this awesome music with us. This song is short, sweet and to the point. It’s a heaving banging trap take on “Deep Down Low” and it’s a popping, locking and dropping filled with awesome samples and speaker knocking bass kicks.


Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Xplicid Remix)| Free Download |

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