Watch The Official Trailer For Zac Efron’s DJ Movie, ‘We Are Your Friends’

Watch The Official Trailer For Zac Efron’s DJ Movie, ‘We Are Your Friends’
Nick Hailer

It’s been about of year of buzz leading up to this moment. When images of former High School Musical star Zac Efron posted up behind CDJs on the set of his EDM-based movie “We Are Your Friends” first hit the net, everyone in the electronic community was curious to see what it would lead to.

Now, the official trailer is here and anyone who feared this would be a horrible hack job can now officially put those fears to rest because this looks like the movie we’ve been waiting for. I’m sure most hardcore fans were afraid of a cookie-cutter version of what Hollywood perceived electronic music to be, and that pretty boy Zac would fake his way through DJing as so many DJs fake DJing. Not the case here. This seems like an honest look at not just DJing, producing, and dance culture, but it seems to encapsulate the true feelings of our generation: a generation that doesn’t want to be bound by 9-5 jobs, a generation that dreams of freedom through creativity, and a generation that has found its own identity through this culture of dance music.

There’s so much that I want to say about this trailer, but I want to save some feels for when the movie actually comes out and we can all see it. Notwithstanding, I haven’t been this hyped off a trailer in a long time and I might find my way to the movie theater to pay for a ticket on opening night instead of bit torrenting it off the internet.

Until then, watch the trailer, get hyped and turn those speakers up!

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