With The Help Of Bob Saget, SaviD & Trilla Show Us What Drugstep Is

With The Help Of Bob Saget, SaviD & Trilla Show Us What Drugstep Is
Evan Walters

Nothing like some ad libs from the legend himself Bob Saget to set a party off. I can’t even lie, the main reason I clicked this track when I saw it was because of Danny Tanner from Full House. After hearing the disgusting dub that Trilla and SaviD threw together it was for sure worth it, although its just a clip I could not resist. The sample these guys went with was certainly not heard on Full House, the Saget they sampled is from every stoners favorite movie How High. This collab is very interesting because these producers are from two completely different parts of the world (Trilla, Norway & SaviD, US) and being that they are both fairly young/new I doubt they have met. I would definitely recommend that any connoisseur of dubstep peep both of their Soundcloud accounts, these dudes bring the womps. Either way here we have a filthy track and after all that is what matters, keep your eyes peeled for the full thing!

SaviD & Trilla-Coke (CLIP)

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Evan Walters

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