Gramatik Drops A New Playlist For You Guys To Quote “Wake N Bake” To

Gramatik Drops A New Playlist For You Guys To Quote “Wake N Bake” To
Nick Hailer

Electro Funk Soul producer Gramatik treated his fans a playlist stacked with jams to roll out of bed and roll up to called “Coffee Shop Selection”. After dropping his grindhouse inspired video for “Torture”, Gramatik has been rolling with the jams and this playlist is jam packed with what we’ve come to expect from the MPC killer (I’m assuming that’s he gear of choice because of the “Torture” video but that might have just been the old dude’s gear). Filled to the brim with groovy hip hop inspired electronic beats with tons of soulful rock, jazz, funk and soul, this playlist is a must add to your music rotation. Featuring 22 tracks with some old favs and some you might have missed but as always, it’s free to go and grab! So hit that favorite heart on soundcloud, head over to his pages to show him some love and turn those speakers up cause it’s time to jam!

Rage On My People

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Nick Hailer

I've been called "The Male Oprah Of DJ's", "The Mayor of Camp Bisco", and just plainly known and described as "That Is SoNick". Former member of the EDM/Mashup group Pulse FX (featured twice on ThisSongSlaps), I now spend my days soundcloud diving for new tracks at my full time job, frequenting concerts in the winter until it's festival season in the summer, and taking full advantage of my wife's family and friends discount at Guitar Center. Doesn't matter if it's a Glitch Mob show or Chadwick Stokes, you will most likely see me holding court in the smoking area or side stage talking endlessly on all things music. From everything to new tracks, new artists, production methods and performance styles, I have an opinion on everything and I have no problem sharing it.

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