Woolymammoth Remixed Chinchilla And It Will Blow Your Mind

Woolymammoth Remixed Chinchilla And It Will Blow Your Mind
Chad Hirsch

Jackal came out with “Chinchilla” and it got has been getting A LOT of attention. “Chinchilla” has seen support by some of EDM’s biggest names including Skrillex and Tiesto. On the opposite end we all remember the whole incident with Caked Up right? Well let’s not dwell on the past and just get down to the goods. Woolymammoth, an up an coming artist from San Francisco, recently remixed this heavy hitter and the outcome was phenomenal. It could possibly better then the original but I’ll let you be the judge. This still features that grimey sound you hear from the original, but it’s thrown in a different type of a beat with some harder hitting percussion as well. Its got a darker, spookier vibe to it then the original but the sounds still fit so well together. One thing I noticed technically that stood out was how well this remix was panned. Moving from left to right it totally got my attention. Woolymammoth has shown promise and great talent with this remix. Be sure to follow Woolymammoth to keep up to date on all the new stuff he has coming out.

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Chad Hirsch

Huge fan of electronic music and everything that surrounds it. Born and raised near Chicago.

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