MVMMALS Make Taylor Swift’s Style Into A Glitch Hop Banger

MVMMALS Make Taylor Swift’s Style Into A Glitch Hop Banger
Nick Hailer

This is a hard post to write, because now it is public knowledge that I listen to Taylor Swift on some level. As a 20 something year old man, I have no reason to listen to T-Swizzle except maybe on an ironic level. Notwithstanding, I’m a fan of anything that can turn something I don’t like at all into something I would listen to a hundred times a day. If that’s the case, it must be really awesome. The DC area EDM trio MVMMALS, whose lineup is comprised of Phil Scholfield, Ryan Redmond & Jarek Harbottle, take T-Swift’s smash hit “Style” and flip it into a Glitch Hop masterpiece that’ll make you and your little sister dance.

This song is so good I actually went to Youtube to listen to the original song. Just so I’d have some understanding about how these guys made me jam out to Young Swifty. I was happy to find that I liked their production on the remix more than I liked the original. So everything’s gonna be OK! They take the driving bass synth and guitar samples from the original and beef them up with some heavy drums with a ton of swing that hypnotizes you into the groove. Then they topped it off with some insane vocal glitches over the drop that’ll make your mom start 2-steppin’ in the kitchen.

This song is as crazy as T-Dawg’s eyes when she starts writing a song in her Burn Book about me being a mean blog writer and how she doesn’t care what I think (Just shake it off T-Money, you’ll be aight). Overall this song is just fun and that’s why it’s awesome. MVMMALS is a group with a lot of promise and we can only hope they keep flipping tracks with this kind of gusto. Taking on a T-Bangaz remix is no small task. This is a song that could’ve been a total hate magnet but it’s the furthest thing from that. It makes people enjoy a song they never would have liked and that’s what a good remix is all about. So turn those speakers up and show MVMMALS some love! So much love that they put it up for download!

Rage On My People

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Nick Hailer

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