Soundcloud Taken Down by Security Bug ‘Shellshock’

Soundcloud Taken Down by Security Bug ‘Shellshock’

Have you been wondering why you weren’t able to access, or even play a single song from SoundCloud this afternoon? A new security bug named ‘shellshock’ resulting from the free software Bash, has taken the music giant down.

Bash was built in 1987 by Brian J. Fox and is now built into more than 70 percent of the machines that connect to the Internet. Scary, right?

Earlier today, security experts warned that Bash software was found to contain an extremely alarming software bug known as ‘shellshock’ that could be used to obtain control of hundreds of millions of machines all over the world including Mac computers and smartphones that use the Android operating system.

An official alert from the National Institute of Standards and Technology warned that the vulnerability was a 10 out of 10, in terms of its severity, impact and exploitability, but low in terms of its complexity, meaning that it could be easily used by hackers.

Soundcloud claimed that the site was experiencing extremely high traffic spikes, causing the site to crash all day on a random Thursday afternoon.


But, over the years, we’ve learned that we can’t trust everything that SoundCloud tells us.

Source: New York Times





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