Trivecta’s “The Surface” featuring Roniit, Is Hauntingly Undeniable [Free Download]

Trivecta’s “The Surface” featuring Roniit, Is Hauntingly Undeniable [Free Download]

If Trivecta hasn’t proved his worth to you already, let it be known that this man is on the brink of composing the soundtrack of the now, the future, and after.

The other day I watched “This Is The End” for the first time. A movie that stars the main characters of “Pineapple Express” in which at one point an apocalypse occurs and dozens of light beams appear out of the sky rapturing those who have been saved by God.

If and when the apocalypse occurs whether IRL or in my f*cked up dreams, I want “The Surface” by Trivecta to be playing as I’m ascending to the sky. By then I’ll probably pull the same mistake James Franco did by flipping off and cursing the zombies below thus deteriorating my path to heaven. Luckily, this drop is so emotionally powerful it would only be fit for one to be having this play through a struggling and life-defying moment only leading to satisfying results.

This is what Trivecta brings to the table. Songs meant for one night stands, musical belief, and now futuristic bass that could easily be sound-tracked for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. To visual: what’s more badass than a melodic uplifting dubstep track mixed and mashed between realistic advanced weapons technology and future apocalyptic scenery? Nothing. Humans are pathetically infatuated with war and violence making any situation undeniably irresistible just the same as bassheads are when it comes to next level dub tracks such as these.

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