CRNKN Expands His Sound With “The Clearing” EP

CRNKN Expands His Sound With “The Clearing” EP
Johnny Cranston
Los Angeles based producer, CRNKN, absolutely delivers with a huge diversity for his first official EP “The Clearing” via Nest HQ. This six-track release enlightens us with wide-ranging sound that is new and different from what we are used to hearing from him. In CRNKN’s own words he explains what he was trying to do with the project by saying, “With ‘The Clearing’ I wanted to try and distance myself from whatever preconceived notions people had / have about the kinds of music that I make. It’s really important to have room to experiment and grow as an artist, so with this release I’m hoping to lay the groundwork for that. There are a lot of really cool kinds of music, and I like making all of them. Putting a qualitative label on creativity is like putting a square peg in a round hole. Just doesn’t work.”

I think CRNKN did a terrific job of establishing just what he wanted to with this debut EP release of his, it has got elements from all types of dance music. From some slow chill Flume/Cashmere-esque sounds for the intro to some experimental trap, electro chords and synths to some of that twerkin Miami bass sound. It’s got it all. “The Clearing” is a major step in CRNKN’s career, being innovative and creative by experimenting with different sounds of music that he enjoys himself. CRNKN give us a little description of each track in his SoundCloud as you go through the EP. So I’ll leave you here with the full EP and with the words of CRNKN on what he has to tell us about each piece to his masterpiece of a puzzle.

“Far, Hidden & Away”

“The bones of this track were written for a side project that I had wanted to start that was sort of more ethereal, relaxing stuff. But once I realized that this project was taking shape (and the story behind it) I knew that this should lead it off.”

“Enter An Exit”

“This and the next track are both older and both tracks I wrote around the same time. I had been listening to a lot of darker electronic stuff and was sort of in that mind space. This one I actually wrote in a couple of hours and just put it away for a rainy day and when I was looking for skeletons to work on for the EP I found this and knew that it fit exactly what I wanted to put out. So I went in and polished it up and tada!”


“This track is the oldest one on the EP, it’s a track that I originally called Deville and started working on almost a year ago. I love this song, and it’s gone through SO many iterations. I had a cycle of working on it every few months nonstop to the point of complete frustration, then putting it down again. When I started this EP, this was the first track I finished because I knew it had to be a part of the project. I couldn’t be more excited that I finally finished it and it’s at the level I knew it could be when I started it.”

“To Run”

“This song was one of the last ones written, and I sort of knew what pieces needed to come into place before the EP could be done. I knew that I wanted to write something that was sort of clubby but still had the same aesthetic as the rest of the songs and I think I wrote this in one session (which is always reeeeeeally cool to do) and was like, yeah. This fits nicely.”


“Similar to ‘Stumbling’ this song has taken me a while to write, I started it in September or October. It was the only song I wrote while I was on this bus tour with Bro Safari, and it was the thing that got me out of a creative slump that I was in at that time. It’s just sort of a roller coaster ride, and I remember playing it for a few people and had gotten some positive feedback so when I started the EP I knew that I wanted to bring this song in somewhere and try to fit it in.”

“The Clearing (Outro)”

“This track serves 2 purposes. On the surface it serves as the sort of cool down from the EP, in the same way that “Hidden, Far & Away” is an introduction. The second purpose is that it corresponds with the story behind my EP, and it is sort of a summative finale for the tale that I wrote to go along with the music.”

Check out this pretty amazing concept video for “The Clearing” EP release.

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