Caspa Presents ‘Dubstep Sessions 2014’ Compilation + Exclusive Interview

Caspa Presents ‘Dubstep Sessions 2014’ Compilation + Exclusive Interview

The godfather of filth has done it once again. Caspa is back with another monster ‘Dubstep Sessions’ compilation that features the best that the dubstep world has to offer. This compilation includes 34 of the most incredible dubstep songs available right now, including 11 exclusive tracks that you can only get on this compilation album.

Here’s one of the songs you can only get by buying the album:

From Dub Police:

With Dubstep still leading the way through the new electronic music scene, UK producer and international DJ Caspa remains at the forefront of this exciting movement, achieving groundbreaking successes as an artist. Having spent 2013 touring the world and sourcing music for his own successful label, Caspa has the credentials to once again select the most upfront tracklist bursting to the seams with exclusive music.

This mix compilation showcases 34 tracks carefully selected to represent the entire spectrum of Dubstep. Caspa presents Dubstep Sessions 2014 features nothing but the biggest tracks from Flux Pavilion, FuntCase, Foreign Beggars, Subscape, and Emalkay, as well as the freshest tunes from international artists Datsik and Excision. There are also a host of tunes from the man himself.

Track list:

1. Caspa feat. Diane Charlemagne – Reach for The Sky (The Others Remix)
2. Caspa – Sexy Beast
3. Mydas – Squared VIP
4. Asylum – Zero Gravity VIP
5. Variations – Fighting For Air VIP
6. Caspa feat. Riko Dan – Mad Man
7. Dirty Dog – Sucker Punch
8. Variations feat. Travis Kaye – Big Belly
9. Filth Collins – Fatboy Riddem VIP
10. Trolley Snatcha – Zulu
11. Flinch & Infuze feat. Elan – Belly Of The Beast
12. Caspa – Submission
13. Sleeper & District – Psychosis
14. Datsik – Scum
15. Emalkay feat. Glen Boden – The Line
16. HeRobust – SheKnowSheBad
17. Oiki – Ratchet
18. Excision & Datsik – Swagga VIP
19. BadKlaat – Get Twisted
20. Kromestar – Noiz
21. FuntCase – Out For Da Milli
22. The Others – Amazonia VIP
23. Joker – Head Top
24. Cotti feat. Killa P – Dub Warrior
25. Caspa – London Zoo
26. Caspa feat. Rod Azlan – No Gyal Tune
27. Caspa feat. Dismantle – Techno Terry
28. Oiki – Are You Scared
29. Flux Pavilion & SKisM feat. Foreign Beggars – Jump Back VIP
30. Caspa – Setting Sun (Antiserum & Mayhem Remix)
31. Subscape – Close Your Eyes
32. Mydas – Beneath The Fold
33. Subscape – Angels
34. The Others feat. Lonette Charles – One Man Show (J:Kenzo Remix)

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In celebration of this amazing new compilation album, I had the opportunity to sit down with Caspa at SXSW and get his thoughts on ‘Dubstep Sessions’, touring, and cereal. Check it out!

TSS: What gave you the initial idea for this compilation?

Caspa: I kinda wanted to put together like a yearly, annual Dubstep compilation that for me really showed the true sound that was going on. There have been a lot of different compilations that are like ‘Dubstep NOW’, but I feel like I am in a perfect position to put together a compilation that shows what’s really going on So I started it in 2012, which was hard because there was so much to narrow it down to what was going on. And this is my second CD of doing it. I think it’s the best one yet; It’s got a much truer sound and representation of what’s going on in the dubstep scene right now. And I definitely want to continue it. I think I want to do one either every year or every other year. So that’s really the thought process behind it: A true indication of what’s going on, rather than what big label or press people are saying.

TSS: With the Past Present Future album, and now the Dubstep Sessions, are you trying to shift the focus back to Dubstep?

Caspa: Definitely. I think the fact that that people are saying that ‘dubstep is dead’ is kind of true in the form of enforcer people. People that didn’t want it around in the first place. Like for me, and the people that know, it’s far from dead. People love it. The media attention and commercialization has shifted, that’s all. People go ‘oh it’s dead’, but it’s still very much alive. I think right now it’s in a rejuvenation process where all the crap has been taken out and all the good stuff is staying. I’m very conscious about being at the forefront right now, to make sure that people know that it’s not going anywhere. And i’m out here putting my balls on the line for this music. I’m not playing trap, i’m not playing house, i’m playing dubstep. Because that’s who I am. I’m showing people that it’s still fucking shit up.

TSS: How did you choose which tracks and artists would be featured on Dubstep Sessions?

Caspa: I literally put together music that I love. It has to start from passion, from music that i’m into right now, and music that I think represents the scene right now as a whole. Whether it’s more trap-y or more house-y, but still featuring the sound. It’s hard, because you’ve got to narrow it down. But I think at the end of the day if you put stuff on there that you play yourself, I don’t think you can go wrong. I’m not putting stuff on there to sell records, the complete opposite, i’m putting stuff on there that I think people should hear. And that’s what it’s all about. I would rather be not famous and make a great CD, than be famous and make a shit CD.

TSS: How much time did you spend weeding through tracks to find the perfect ones to put on this album?

Caspa: It’s kind of a yearly process, I build up to it. The CD i’ve been working on for the past 12 months. I’ll get something sent over to me and i’ll be like ‘This fits perfectly!’. It’s gotten to the point where I have like 60 tracks and it’s hard trying to narrow it down to 35, know what I mean?

TSS: What is your favorite and least favorite thing about going on tour?

Caspa: Favorite thing is DJ’ing obviously, and my least favorite thing is travelling. Someone once told me that DJ’ing is just like any other job, except flipped. In a normal job you travel 1 hour and then work for 9 hours, but with DJ’ing you travel 9 hours and then work 1 hour.

TSS: What are you most looking forward to about the Dubstep Sessions tour in particular?

Caspa: Just the fact that there’s something in the market that’s going to excite people. I think there’s a lack of excitement from a lot of high ranking dubstep artists. Everyones kinda jumped ship, or they’re doing something else. Someone like myself, where I am and where i’m positioned, it’s very important to show people that i’m still very much behind the movement still. I think the energy is going to reciprocate between the fans and myself, you know? They just want to hear good music, and I just want to play good music.

TSS: How would you describe your sound to a deaf person?

Caspa: First i’d wave my arms around a little bit, like a sort of Hawaiian dance. Then I guess: Dark, cinematic, bassy.

TSS: What was the first show you attended?

Caspa: First ever show? Fuck. The first ever show I went to was a guy that on TV in the 1980’s, his name is Timmy Mallett. He was like a children’s performer, and he had like the best show at the time. He had the craziest 80’s outfits and the shittiest music. He put out some pretty shitty tunes too. And in like 1986 or 1987 I went to a show of his at like a swimming pool.

(Caspa wanted me to note that he didn’t get any sort of musical influence from Timmy Mallett)

TSS: How do you prepare yourself before a gig?Any pre-show rituals or traditions?

Caspa: Every time I turn up at a hotel I have to lay out my clothes for the night of the show, and the morning of travelling. Everything has to be laid out, i’m a bit O.C.D. in that way. That’s my kind of ritual, because you don’t really get much time. You go to the show, come back, you’re drunk, shower, go to bed, wake up, then get on a plane. Other than that I just pace up and down a lot.

TSS: Do you drink at shows much?

Caspa: I drink pre-show a little bit, then I hold back until maybe midway through my set. Because there’s nothing worse than showing up to a show drunk as fuck. You’re there to perform, you’re there to show people a good time. I think you should get the vibe from the people, drink as they drink, so you get fucked up together.

TSS: If you could give any piece of advice to a younger you starting out, what piece of advice would that be?

Caspa: Don’t believe the hype, stick to your guns, and do whatever the fuck you want.

TSS: What are some of the essential things on your rider?

Caspa: Cereal; Honey Nut Cheerio’s, with bowls, spoons, and milk. Because in America a lot of the restaurants and stuff close at 12 so unless you have good room service, there’s no food. So I can take the cereal and milk home, have a bowl before bed, and then have breakfast before I leave for the airport and then buy a $22 piece of shit sandwich when I get there.

TSS: What is your biggest source for new music? Soundcloud? Blogs? Friends?

Caspa: I don’t particularly follow any blogs, sorry I don’t. I think it’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a bad thing because I could get left behind, as far as what’s going on. But the good thing is that you can make up your own mind, you’re not forced into thinking ‘This is hot.’ know what i’m saying? I’ll determine what was hot or not. Most stuff is passed through friends or other DJ’s.

TSS: What kind of message are you trying to convey with Dubstep Sessions 2014

Caspa: Dubstep, despite what everyone has heard, is not dead. It’s 100% alive and it’s here. I’ve got the balls to say that and show that when no one else does.

TSS: What message would you like to relay to all your fans right now?

Caspa: There’s no message. I think for me, music doesn’t have a message, as far as language. Music is the music. I don’t like giving advice on like ‘This is the music, this is what it’s telling you’. I’m just doing what I believe in and if you connect with it, cool, and if you don’t then that’s cool too.

Be sure to catch Caspa on his North American tour in promotion of the Dubstep Sessions 2014 album! Tour dates can be found HERE





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