Kaskade – Atmosphere (Album Review)

Kaskade – Atmosphere (Album Review)

Today we see the release of Kaskade’s eighth studio album. Atmosphere is what we are told is “Kaskade’s most personal record to date” and we could not agree more. From his emotive tracks with vocalists and fellow producers, to his deeper tracks, cleverly playing on his travel routes and production sessions, the entire thing is a true work of art. After listening to Kaskade, lessly known as Ryan Raddon, talk about his latest work last night on a livestream, we know that the album has been quite a journey for him, and came from a lot of different niches in terms of styles. Check after the jump for our track be track breakdown and review, as well as full streaming of the album!

Last Chance (feat. Project 46)

Debuted at Ultra Music Festival, this Kaskade track became an instant classic, as well as a staple in his summer festival sets. Collaborating with Project 46, Kaskade brings an uplifting anthemic masterpiece; the classic Kaskade song combining elements of a heart throbbing, hands in the air, care free drop combined with powerful female vocals.

Why Ask Why (feat. Late Night Alumni)

Kaskade’s work in Late Night Alumni has always impressed greatly, and when we saw that Kaskade would be combining his side project with his solo act on a collaboration for Atmosphere, we were over the moon. On this song, Raddon seems to take a step back from the immediate spotlight, and more lets his side project step in to take more of the credit. Either we certainly feel that Kaskade’s humble approach to ‘Why Ask Why’ works perfectly.


Kaskade’s ventures into deep house are always admirable, and when we saw the comeback of his “redux” style with his tour this spring, I was oh so hoping that he would be dabbling with it on his album. In the song we hear Raddon using simple hooks and surprisingly atmospheric (see what I did there?) strings to create a surreal picture, easily capturing the mind and sucking you in. MIA to LAS sets the pace for the edgier tracks on the album.

No One Knows Who We Are (feat. Lights) (Kaskade’s Atmosphere Mix)

‘No One Knows Who We Are’ released quite a few months ago, and since has received an incredibly beautiful makeover. The track’s been taken down a few notches from the stabbing electro collaboration with Swanky Tunes to this humbling, acoustic version, or “atmosphere” mix of the track, which really highlights Lights’ vocal work, while perfectly working in the raw piano chords, creating a powerful rendition.

Feelin’ The Night

Switching it back into anthem mode, Kaskade makes quick work to present the magnificent vocals of Becky Jean Williams. He’s also able to create this whirling blend of beautiful melodies, and a minimal yet powerful drop. It all comes together brilliantly and is layered over these popping synths that work brilliantly to create an uplifting feel and hook.

Take Your Mind Off

‘Take Your Mind Off’ features Kaskade’s own vocal work once again. The track has a simple vocal hook, but as usual, Kaskade eases the need to complicate things. Implicating some more percussive elements, and highlighting the vibraphone with the lead melodies, the track comes together nicely.


This track is again a deeper, instrumental track that took its form on a session between Los Angeles and New York. Kaskade brings out some more intricacy in this one, leaving some more background instruments, as well as good use of phasers, build ups, grooving drops and more.


The self titled track ‘Atmosphere’ perfectly embodies everything this album represents. Blending the easy going piano chord lines, as well as his own vocals once again, the single perfectly plucks at your emotions, making the hit not only the perfect sing along track like Kaskade has been playing it, but also as one of his best works to date.

Something Something (feat. Zip Zip Through The Night)

I’ve been sitting on this album for almost a week now, and while I’m loving the work as a whole, I keep finding myself drawn back to this song. ‘Something Something’ is this bare track, with a more acoustic feel to it. Bringing a drum kit in as well as the soft guitar lines, Kaskade subtly brings in the dance music elements. The two components perfectly compliment each other and the vocals themselves speak straight to your mind, no bullshit, no screeching basslines, just song-writing and lyricism.


‘SFO to ORD’ has a much more relaxed feel on it than the other deep tracks. What I’d imagine is in comparison to flights from Miami to LA or LA to New York the flights are more relaxed. Anyway, the track has this very subtle yet edgy feel to it, keeping the listener on their toes just that little bit more to make a noticeable difference.

Floating (feat. Hailey)

As the pace in the album begins to slow down as Raddon gears up for his finale act, this gem featuring long time Kaskade collaborator Hailey, literally makes your mind feel like it’s floating. The slowed down vocals as well as the serene production work truly do paint a beautiful scene. The anti climax that is created by lack of drop is absolutely perfect.

How It Is (feat. Deborah Fotheringhamg)

Opening with soft piano transitions and the soul filled vocal work of Deborah Fotheringhamg, this track has the classic Kaskade songwriting elements; soft female vocals, acoustic and electronic elements to the track, and subtle blending between the two. ‘How It Is’ become a keystone track on the album, with a very cool drop and the infectious vocals.

Atmosphere (Kaskade Redux Edit)

To close out the album we get a Redux edit of the album’s title track. Taking things deeper, the song adapts well to the deep house style, and is definetley a club track.




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