(Exclusive Interview) Everything You Need To Know About Robert DeLong

(Exclusive Interview) Everything You Need To Know About Robert DeLong

We recently had the opportunity to ask Robert DeLong some questions and get to know him a little better! His unique, eclectic style has been always respected here at TSS and his live performances are unparalleled to most other artists in electronic dance music. Before we hop on into the interview you absolutely have to check out his Jam In A Van video which has not only gone viral, but just hits the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how unique his live performances are. His arsenal of toys and weapons includes live drums, video game controllers, drum pads and a heck of a lot more. His hit single ‘Global Concepts’, and one of our personal favorites, is a heavy moombahton banger, and can be seen in this incredible video below towards the end along with several of Robert’s other tracks.

Robert also recently remixed Bruno Mars’ ‘Treasure’, bringing a carefree and happy vibe to the original, stripping down some of the crooners funk Bruno put on the original and replacing it with some high intensity electro.

Robert is about to embark on a headlining North American tour, so we definetley suggest you catch him along the road! Dates listed here! Make sure to reach after the jump to see our interview with Robert DeLong, as well as his fresh new video for ‘Happy’.

Your debut album ‘Just Movement’ has been a personal favorite of mine as well as an album that covered a lot of styles, why did you decide to create and album with a little bit of everything?

I suppose my inclination towards the eclectic come from getting bored easily: some of my favorite musical artists are those that managed to transcend genre by throwing pop songs into different genres, and then filtering until it made sense.

What was the idea behind the new video for ‘Happy’? It seems like you’re performing some kind of surreal wedding turned massacre, is this hinting at a possible next career move of DJing weddings?

I think that will be my next career move, spinning “Sandstorm” and “Get Ready For This” for well-dressed wedding-goers at the local grange hall, after this music video.

On that note I use the term ‘DJing’ quite loosely, could you give us a quick run down of [how?] you perform live and where the idea for your awesome set up came from?

I had an idea of an eclectic solo electronic performance involving looping and lots of obvious physical manipulation of the sounds that kind of evolved as I wrote songs and acquired new equipment or skills. My setup includes an acoustic drumset, timbale, drumpad, keyboard, knobs, buttons, sliders, wii-remotes, joysticks, and gamepads, all of which contribute to a high energy visceral performance of the songs.

What do you do outside of producing and touring?

Running and bowling. And partying. But I do all of those things on tour, so I suppose that the more precise answer is closer to “nothing.”

If you could describe your sound in three words what would they be?

Super. Fucking. Whatever.
Pop. EDM. Indie.

Do you have any plans to collaborate with a producer, vocalist or group? Who would the dream artist be to work with?

I continue to do remixes and have done a few collaborations, but if Brian Eno, Flume, Diplo, Ellie Goulding, Jesus, or Boards of Canada want to make some tunes, I would probably say yes.

It seems like a lot of your music revolves around moombahton, so where does your inspiration come from in terms of other artists and their music if any?

I really only have a few moombahton jams, but I do love that tempo, and I think there is a nice groove that comes from putting the Dem Bow over pop type songs, which is why a few of my remixes ended up as “moombahton.”

Finally, a question that we ask everyone we interview, would you rather face one hundred duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

100 duck-sized horses – it seems easier to divide and conquer rather than face a giant duck.




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