Wendy Williams Bashes Pasquale Rotella and Ravers

Wendy Williams Bashes Pasquale Rotella and Ravers
Josh Duham

First thing is first, you have to watch this to understand the blog (fast forward to 6:20):

Now, before I get started I’m gonna get this out of the way: yes I understand main stream news and media doesn’t even deserve the time of day from us ravers because it’s so misconstrued but this needs to be addressed.

Ok here we go…What planet am I living on? What kind of a world is this where an unintelligent individual such as Wendy Williams is allowed to be on live television and actually speak? Who even is Wendy Williams? She’s so irrelevant and unimportant to every day life it’s not even funny.

Williams apparently hosts some morning talk show and while covering hot celebrity topics she turned her attention to Pasquale Rotella and his engagement to Holly Madison (get it Pasquale!). Of course she decides to highlight the bad things about Pasquale and his current legal issues. After listing off the charges against Rotella, which she had no idea what any of them meant, she then took aim at the “rave parties” that Pasquale puts on.

Just to give you a little insight as to how idiotic Wendy is, she couldn’t even pronounce Pasquale Rotella and she doesn’t know what embezzlement is. Great research Wendy, you’re off to a good start.

So, not only is this news about Pasquale and his legal issues old, but Wendy also calls him a “party planner.” Umm newsflash sweetheart, he’s not just a party planner, he’s the freaking CEO of Insomniac, one of the biggest names and organization’s in EDM culture! Please, for the love of Bass, do a little research before you go on air. Not to mention how fake is the crowd’s reaction? Those “oohs” and “aahs” were worse than an 80’s sitcom laugh track.

Ok, moving on from Pasquale to how Wendy interprets “rave parties.” The first thing she says is, “These rave parties are huge with the kids, they take drugs.” Stop. Did you completely forget the part where we go for the love of the music and the people there? I’m confused Wendy, help me understand. Whats loopty doopty? Because you seemed a little drugged up trying to describe this. Maybe I should just assume you take drugs and that all morning talk show hosts take drugs. I mean, that’s what you just did to us isn’t it?

I’m sick and tired of this shit. It’s just another ignorant mainstream media outlet jumping to conclusions and using the same points of angle “drugs and repetitive music.” Let’s get something straight Wendy before I continue to breakdown your dull mind. Yes there are drugs at these events, but there’s drugs at every music event. And no our music isn’t repetitive, I bet you haven’t even taken the chance to listen to our songs and try and understand us. I’m not asking for much, just a little research and a fair statement.

Next Williams says, “…and they’re sweating and they’re drinking water and they’re up to things” what things? What does that even mean? What are you getting at? By things do you mean dancing? By water do you mean water? Why are you trying to make us seem so bad and look like we are all drug addicts? I don’t get it? I have so many questions for you Wendy. I wanna talk. Let’s do an interview. Let’s get to know each other Wendy, let’s go on a date and I’ll bring the loopty doopty and we can drink water together and do “things” how’s that sound? Because then maybe, just maybe, I can give you some real insight on ravers and rave culture. Maybe I can open your eyes a little. Maybe I can show you that there is so much love in this scene between ravers that are complete strangers to one another. I wake up every day to a new story about how someone’s life was saved by this scene and this music and yet you sit there in your comfy chair on stage talking about all the negativities and for what reason?

So Wendy, remember this: While you may think you know all about these “rave parties” you haven’t gotten the slightest clue. No one judges here, everyone loves one another. We aren’t a bunch of drug addicts, we are music lovers. That’s why we go to these events, because we love music. I bet that thought didn’t even cross your mind. So please Wendy, do some research, interview a raver, interview Pasquale, but please, do not by any means ever talk about this subject again until you really know what goes on.

This story end with Pasquale personally inviting Wendy Williams to EDC Vegas via Twitter so she can get some insight. I pray to the Based Gods that she goes.

I’m done. That’s my rant for the day. I’m sure I’ll get some commenters calling me an idiot for even writing this but whatever that’s your opinion and I respect it. Also, I know there is a lot of counter points to what I said but I’m sticking to what I said. This was more of a rant and speaking my personal mind than it was informative or anything else. So yeah, thanks TSS Fam.




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