Ennui – Futures (Original Mix)

Ennui – Futures (Original Mix)
Josh Duham

We post a lot of bangers on here, but every now and then it’s nice to give you guys a chill song to listen to. Ennui’s new original titled Futures is the perfect song to kick back and relax to. I kept expecting a build up and drop but you don’t need anything like that for this song. It’s perfect just the way it is. This also just goes to show you how versatile of a producer Ennui is too. He can bring the heat and then he can slow it right down and give you this. Also, we got to do an interview with Ennui so you guys can get to know him more. Check out the stream and interview below and grab the free download!

Introduce yourself

My name is Nick Keenan and I produce electronic music under the moniker, “Ennui” which is pronounced like you’re saying “ON-WE”. I have been producing electronic since November of 2011.

Why did you choose the name Ennui?

Freshman year of college, I had an English professor introduce us to the idea of existentialism and ennui. Simply put, ennui quite literally, means boredom. I don’t know exactly why I chose that, but I just connected with it and it seemed different.

How did you first get into dance music and eventually producing it?

I guess music has always been around me…. I played bassoon and oboe in concert band, picked up guitar and piano when I was about 10 and taught myself, and also used to sing in choir, so composing music has always been a predisposition for me I guess. As for electronic music though, I sat down one day after going to a Porter Robinson show (who I had never heard of before then) and was like “Shit, I haven’t used Garageband since I was like…12?, so I sat down and opened up Garageband, started making little mixes and trying to make my own beats for fun, it was so fun! Soon after, my friend Mike and I started a club for new producers at DePaul University and that’s when I bought Ableton. After hearing so much about it from my techy friends, I knew it was the way to go, even though when I first opened it I had no clue what the heck I was even looking at….I kept thinking, “Hey Mike, where is the loop rack?”

For those who never have listened to your stuff how would you approach them?

I’m glad you asked this because it’s something I really love addressing, that being the whole genre confinement and electronic music stigma. People call everything that is made on a computer electronic music, which to me is just not true. I hate genres, because in the end, it’s just sound. Even more so, that sound is merely vibration. So, when it comes to my own music, I don’t want to classify it as Dubstep. Yes, it’s my forte but I make a lot of other music (some not even on the computer). I know dubstep has its stigma, like a dial up tone blah blah blah, but I like to think my music sounds nothing like that. I guess I would settle for melodic dubstep or lovestep, but I really just want people to call it “music” or “sound.”

Where do most of your ideas come from when writing tunes?

Well, as for my inspiration, people are usually surprised when I list off the bands I listen to, which are a bunch of Indie music and folk bands. It’s so dangerous listening to music you really like and then producing music as well because I’ve heard so many kids listening to the big names and then they wind up sounding just like them. Then, it’s like, they don’t understand why they aren’t succeeding, but it’s because it’s already been done. Porter Robinson tweeted about this phenomenon one time and I was trying to figure out a way to “Superfavorite” it haha! My process usually starts at the piano—no electronics, no speakers, just flowing through ideas until something sticks. Anyways, most of my favorite artists are from Chicago, one of them being Mister Lies. Huge inspiration. He’s amazing and everyone should definitely check his stuff out because I truly believe that his work is the direction our scene is heading—only he is already on the forefront. Stratus is also amazing, and being at a show and hearing his stuff is beyond anything. So, all in all, I suppose my ideas come from the fact that I can appreciate music of any kind.

Some of your favorite, current producers and why?

1. Rustie, because he was making trap before anyone and mixing it with pop and other hip hop influences. Found out about him on National Public Radio…can’t believe he hasn’t taken off yet.
2. The M Machine, because anything they create is beautiful and the production quality is untouchable. I’m interested to see what their next full length will hold.
3. Mister Lies… as mentioned before, because he’s creating music that will be the next branch of our scene.
4. Different Sleep, another Chicagoan, similar camp to Mister Lies but, like M Machine, he can make anything.
5. Lastly, I hate to sound hipster cliché but Baauer. Been listening to him for awhile (yes, pre-Harlem Shake) and he’s just fresh. Whenever I need a break from indie stuff, I throw on some Baauer or GTA.

What are some of your hobbies or anything you like to do when you’re not writing music?

When I’m not writing music or studying for classes, I’m usually reading or running a whole bunch and training for a marathon.

What do you think the impact social media has on dance music?

I think it has its pros and cons. It’s so great for relatively unknown artists like myself and my fellow producers to communicate with their fans (via Twitter, Facebook, etc). It helps keep them up to date on releases/progression as well as helps grow an audience. On the other end, you have artists that abuse social media and spam like there’s no Daft Punk album coming out…we’ve all heard it, “IM AN ASPIRING PRODUCER FROM GERMANY AND AM 14 YEARS OLD, WANNA COLLAB BRO? CHECK OUT MY TRACK BRO!”…I guess many of them don’t know any better, but then you also got some of the sensationalist DJ’s who invite you incessantly to their events, which are usually to just a bar or something—this can be irritating.

I feel that you have a lot of potential to break through this scene pretty quick, tell me how you would want to approach that?

Thank you, that means a lot. I’m focused on growing a bigger fan base and cranking out more quality tunes. I have a lot of originals and other remixes that are unreleased, solely because I don’t think they quite coincide with the released material right now, but I think I’ll have the opportunity to show my versatility in production some day. For now, just making the music is the most important thing.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Well, I’m currently working on a free EP and have a few collaborations coming up, so the thing to expect will be more free music. Then eventually, playing more shows, if the opportunity comes about.

Last words

Making music for me, is happiness. Here is what I’m listening to right now: http://soundcloud.com/dainius-gri/sunlounger-feat-zara-lost

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