Crywolf – Ghosts EP

Crywolf – Ghosts EP
Josh Duham

So, I’ve been playing this for about a week now. It’s consumed most of my time to be honest. This EP is so deep and has so much power and emotion behind the tone and lyrics, it’s crazy. The emotions you feel from all these songs are incredible. I’ve truly never listened to anything quite like it. We were fortunate enough to ask Crywolf some questions. So before you jump right into his Ghosts EP, take a second to get a little bit of background on it and truly appreciate the work Justin put in. I think this EP is going to be huge.

1. So first off, for those who don’t know you, tell us a little about

yourself and how you got into producing EDM.

My birth name is Justin Phillips, but that’s boring so I produce music
under Crywolf. I come from an indie-acoustic background, and started
producing electronic music about a year and a half ago when I barely
knew anything about EDM. It was super weird, but people liked it. I’ve
recently (kind of/maybe/actually not really) gotten my shit together
and am developing and refining my sound. I just signed to Le Castle
Vania’s label Always Never, who is releasing my debut EP, “Ghosts”.

2. Now, I’ve gotten to listen to the EP, it’s insane! What was your
inspiration for it?

I try not to talk too much about the inspiration for my tracks,
because I feel like ambiguity in music is a very significant and
powerful quality… However, I will say that the EP came from one of the
most intensely dark and beautiful periods of my life. In some ways,
it’s about a really tumultuous relationship I was in, but in other
ways it’s about something that is a lot bigger than I can really
3. What track off the EP was your favorite to produce and why?

The Home We Made Pt. II was awesome because I had the entire thing
playing in my head before I even started production on it. “Ghosts”
was a favorite because the song is so overwhelmingly meaningful to me
and unique.

4. If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be and why?

As far as guest vocal spots go, I would absolutely love to be able to
have MØ, The Weeknd, Daughter, Die Antwoord, or Lauren Mayberry from
CHVRCHES on a track. As far as producer collaborations, it would be
amazing to work with The Knife, Purity Ring, Seven Lions, or Kaskade.

5. Can you see yourself branching out to other genres within EDM? Like

can we expect more Moombah in the future?

I have always dabbled in a hundred different genres, and can never
stay in one for long. I actually made a good bit of moombah-core type
stuff, but it wasn’t received very well live or online so I drifted
away from it. Most of the tracks I make are at strange tempos and
don’t make sense genre-wise.

6. What are your plans for the summer? Any major touring or festivals?

I’ll mainly be in Denver and Nashville working on my next EP. Le
Castle Vania and I worked really well together at his studio in LA so
I’ll definitely be heading there to work on some more stuff with him
I’m playing a lot of shows all over the US, as well as a good number
of festivals. I haven’t kept totally up to date with my booking
recently, but I know I am playing Sonic Bloom, Lightning In A Bottle,
Impulse, and then a couple others I can’t announce yet.

7. What would your dream festival be? Where do you want to perform the

most and why?

The thing I can’t wait for is touring overseas. I spent around half of
my life in countries other than the US, and I love traveling, so the
idea of being able to get paid to do it is exciting enough to make me
As far as festivals go… The main thing I look forward to is playing
for big crowds of people who know my music. When I play shows in my
hometown of Raleigh, I do all my vocals live with a piano, and I can
stop the music and the crowd will just keep singing all the original
songs. I can’t wait to have that experience in other places.

8. Give me some insight on “The Home We Made Pt. II” what’s the story

behind it? Seems deep.

There is this Czech word, “Litost”, which was a huge part of the
inspiration for this entire EP for me. It doesn’t have an english
translation, and there are a lot of attempted definitions, but the
general idea I got from it is “The feeling we have about an immense,
negative and unchangeable breach of the order we expect the world to
have. The moment when you find that what should absolutely not happen,
unchangeably happened.”
Johnluke Lewis, my live drummer, co-wrote The Home We Made with me,
and it was like we both knew exactly what the song was about, and
where it needed to go. It practically wrote itself.

9. Okay last thing…Got anything you wanna say to the fans about the
EP before they listen?!

In the famous words of Thomas Jefferson, “Listen to your heart, when
he’s calling for you. Listen to your heart, there’s nothing else you
can do. I don’t know where you’re going, and I don’t know why… But
listen to your heart, before you tell him goodbye.”
Or maybe that was Roxette or some shit. I don’t know.

-CW <3

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