Filthy Friday Vol. 41

Filthy Friday Vol. 41

Put down your orange juice and turn up the volume because it’s about that time of week again for me to drop some filth on your day with Filthy Friday Vol. 41. I’ve got a whole mess of sick tracks for all you filth fans out there, Thank God It’s Filthy Friday. Belgium dubstep producer Doctrine is cracking open this mess of filth with his bass-heavy track ‘Gunslinger’ followed up by Tyler Blue’s bootleg of ‘Cinema.’ After that, the good filth never stops coming in this week’s series, so go down the line, press play, and you’re bound to find a couple of new tracks to add to your filth collection. Kick back, turn up your speakers, and enjoy Filthy Friday Vol. 41!

Doctrine – Gunslinger | Direct Download |

Skrillex – Cinema (Tyler Blue Bootleg) | Direct Download |

Skream – Anticipate (Feature Cuts Remix) | Direct Download |

Foreigner – Cold As Ice (Tymotex Remix) | Direct Download |

DarkGrey – Thunder (Original Mix) ThisSongSlaps.com Exclusive | Direct Download |

Lamb of God – Redneck (Trampboat’s Dubstep Remix) | Direct Download |

Fonik – Pain Game | Direct Download |


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