La Vania – Vem Que Da (Bambuzoo Dubstep Remix) + La Roux – Bulletproof (Bambuzoo Remix): Chilled Out Dubstep + Electro-House Remixes

La Vania – Vem Que Da (Bambuzoo Dubstep Remix) + La Roux – Bulletproof (Bambuzoo Remix): Chilled Out Dubstep + Electro-House Remixes

Today, I have two tracks coming from the opposite sides of the spectrum from an artist called Bambuzoo. Bambuzoo, aka Jesper Juul, is an unsigned DJ/producer coming out of Aalborg, Denmark. This guy has been blowing up Soundcloud with free downloads left and right and they’re all great tracks. He has tracks and remixes ranging everywhere from dubstep to electronic dance music which shows his talents in different genres of music. It was a hard choice, but I narrowed down this post to my two favorite tracks. The first remix, ‘Vem Que Da’ by La Vania is Bambuzoo’s ‘chillout dubstep remix.’ I would describe the track exactly the same way; it has a chill dubstep beat accompanied by some cool foreign lyrics. The second track is Bambuzoo’s energy-filled electro-house take on La Roux’s song ‘Bulletproof.’ I don’t know which remix I like better between this one and Foamo’s remix of ‘Bulletproof,’ but both could definitely get the party started. Turn up your speakers and enjoy these remixes from Bambuzoo!

La Vania – Vem Que Da (Bambuzoo Dubstep Remix) DOWNLOAD HERE

La Roux – Bulletproof (Bambuzoo Remix) DOWNLOAD HERE

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