Justice Celebrates 10 Years With Their Newest Album, “Woman Worldwide”

Justice Celebrates 10 Years With Their Newest Album, “Woman Worldwide”
Alejandro Vega

In 2008 French duo Justice released their first album called Cross. Since then they’ve been blending electronic music with disco, metal, funk and indie elements. Their music is revered by millions across the world and their shows sell out whether it be a Live or DJ set.

Back in November 2016 they released their 3rd album called Woman and have been playing their Live sets with songs in here and their other albums. If you’ve been following them then you probably already heard their recent Live sets on SoundCloud such as their Coachella and AccorHotels Arena sets. They’ve liked their Live shows so much they decided to make it into a studio album called Woman Worldwide.

Now this isn’t like their other live albums like A Cross The Universe or Access All Arenas as this album was produced in their studio rather than live at an event. They were able to have crystal clear quality sound while having the Live set feel to their album. Songs you’ll hear are classics like D.A.N.C.E., Genesis, Phantom, Stress from their first album to Civilization, Canon, Audio Video Disco on their second album to Safe & Sound, Alakazam, Fire and Randy from their 3rd album. I’ve been obsessed with their Coachella set so to be able to hear it in fantastic quality is awesome!

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Alejandro Vega

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