Lights All Night Spotlight: Illenium Comes Back To Dallas To Play His First Time At The Festival

Lights All Night Spotlight: Illenium Comes Back To Dallas To Play His First Time At The Festival
Alejandro Vega

I’m not going to lie and say I knew about Illenium; this was my first time ever going through and listening to his music. But Lights All Night is coming very soon and I will be going through every artist on the bill and checking out their music. There are a lot of new names and unfamiliar faces so I want to take the time to check them out and show you guys some brand new music.

I figured I’d go to the one artist I’m not too familiar with on the headliners list and that’s Illenium. He’ll be playing a DJ set which he also does Live sets on occasion. He makes some really good Future Bass and Dubstep songs. There’s a lot of drive and passion in his leads which I like in Future Bass. His snares and kicks punch through so well in the mix. He has lots of variety in his sounds: plucks that he adds effects to, syncopated hi hats in a modified loop, pads that are unique and deep basslines.

Illenium does an outstanding job adding simple sounds but keep the ones that work together and using melodies that mesh together. It’s not an easy task to do yet he does it flawlessly. I will be making time to see his set and if you need a mix to listen to check the one I listened to.

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