[TSS Premiere] Valy Mo Gives You A Glimpse Into His World With New EP

[TSS Premiere] Valy Mo Gives You A Glimpse Into His World With New EP
Brian Poles

Over the past couple of years French producer Valy Mo has been making a name for himself internationally. He tours throughout France, Europe, and Japan and has his own radio show on Data Transmission. He has been lauded by the likes of Radio BBC, Complex UK, Vice, and others while catching the ears of major labels. Today he comes at us with his sophomore EP ‘A Night Shift With Valy Mo’ where he exhibits his most complete and structured work to date.

The EP starts out with a short intro track titled “Waves” where you can hear ambient ocean sounds steadily building up which brings anticipation for what is to come, layered underneath tension-building synths and snares. The track ends abruptly and quickly rolls into the first single of the EP “Gasoline Bubble.” The title of the track subtly gives way to what the song is all about. Bubbly and popping synths are used throughout the track layered in as both the drop and bridge of the song. The song is hot and energetic with snares and tambourines mixed in to give the track some extra oomph. The third track “God Motor” goes a bit deeper than “Gasoline Bubble” with heavier synths and wubs. Sultry vocal samples build up the track and leads into the drop where heavy basslines grab a hold of you. The drop then transitions to a fun tinging rhythm where the energy builds up and brings you straight to the middle of the dance floor. The song has both a gritty house sound to it and something incredibly unique with the added instruments used throughout.

Next, the EP takes a transition with an interlude titled “Rusty” which sounds as if a radio broadcast has just interrupted the regularly-scheduled programming to give the listener a psychological brain-twister to think about during the rest of the tape. “Battery” then starts up and is more of an epic with its long, thrilling buildup with long-drawn bridge and tambourines to create suspense. A heavy and rugged bassline hits as the drop with synthesized chords. The song then transitions back to its stirring buildup before again getting down and dirty with the low bassline. The final song “Joe Sandra” opens menacingly before lightening up through the vocals of JM. The song then gets soft and angelic. It then takes another turn back towards darkness where a multitude of chords, vocal samples, and synths are used to create an array of sounds mixed in cohesion. Both lighter and darker elements are used in the drop which gives into my interpretation of the title of the song. Joe represents the dark elements of the track, which kick it off, and then Sandra represents the lighter elements of the track which follow the darker elements. The song is a fitting end to the EP as it feels as a conclusion of an overall structure told over the six tracks.

‘A Night Shift With Valy Mo’ is available now for streaming and purchase via Confession. The premiere house label has gotten something special with this one as it may be the most complete and well-written production they have released. The EP plays more as a mini album than anything because of the way it is structured and its overall cohesion between the tracks. Many EPs are just a slew of tracks packaged together as a single release but you can tell that Valy Mo wanted to tell a story with these six pieces. This is the work that should propel Valy Mo into a more recognized name worldwide and not just throughout Europe and France. So check out the whole thing now and join Valy Mo on his adventurous night shift.

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Brian Poles

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